Optimal Resume – Create a resume section by section

How to create a resume section by section in OptimalResume.com’s Resume Builder, Optimal 2.0 edition.
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Tutorial: How to create a voice acting resume and find voice actors

This tutorial covers creating an amateur voice acting resume at www.voiceacting.co.uk . You can sign up for free and create a full profile, where you can list your roles and link your work. If you are looking for voice actors, then an resumes created are put into the voice actor’s directory which you can search. Signing up to the site is free, we do our best to support the amateur voice acting community. We have a whole bunch of tutorials, interviews as well as a…


Career Planning: How To Create A Resume For The First Time

There are many important stages in the career planning process, and each of them has to be taken properly. If you fail in passing one of them, you may fail the rest of your plan. Right now, the peculiarities of resume writing as one of the crucial steps in career planning will be discussed. Essence of resumes A resume is a document that represents a kind of summary of person’s job experience and gained knowledge for necessary employment search. Usually this document turns out to be important for potential employers.


Create Powerful Attention Grabbing Cover Letters with a Cover Letter Step by Step Generator in Minutes

So you want to write a cover letter? But you’re unsure how to get started. For so many people, trying to come up with a top notch or reworked cover letter is arduous. Furthermore, spending hours customizing every single letter can be pretty protracted. Knowing this, various career gurus have designed their own cover letter step by step generator software to assist with the thorny task of cover letter writing.

OneClick Cover Letter Creator

OneClick Cover Letter Creator easily…


How to Create Resume at BMCC

At the Center for Career Development in room S368 at Borough of Manhattan Community College, we will assist Students with Resume writing, Covers letters and the Interview Preparation so they can find a Job. As shown in this video clip, students are directed to an online program called “Optimal Resume”. Basically with Optimal Resume you can learn how to design high-impact resumes and other job search correspondence such as cover letters and application letters.
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How to Create a Cover Letter for Jobs That You Dream Of?

When you apply for a job, you have one chance and one chance only to capture your prospective employer’s attention. In most cases, this is done using a cover letter. You should create a cover letter for jobs that you apply for via a resume. A well-written application letter is your foot in the door. It is your chance to show what you are made of and why you should get the job. Most importantly, it needs to capture the reader’s attention and leave them with something to remember.…


Create Free Printable Resume – Things to Check if You Want to Create Free Printable Resume

Let’s admit it, not everyone has the skill, talent, or gift of resume writing. An outstanding candidate for a job can be very useful to a company unless they get that impression first through his resume. If they don’t see the excellence in his resume, he won’t even make it to the interview. That will be such a pity so there’s a great sigh of relief with having the Internet since everyone can create free printable resume anytime and with lots of ease.

Online, there are sites that give…


Avoid Wasting Time to Study an Example of a Job Resume?discover How to Create an Attention Grabber Cover Letter in Less Than 3.5 Minutes or Less

Avoid wasting time to study an example of a job resume…

Discover how to create an attention grabber cover letter in less than 3.5 minutes or less.

Payrolls tumbled for the sixth consecutive month in June, bringing the total number of job losses in the first half of the year to 438,000.

Avoid wasting time to study an example of a job resume. How many times have you rewritten your own trying to create the perfect job resume…with the same result… complete rejection, no interview.



How to Create Your Cover Letter When Switching Careers

You have recently made the decision to exit one career and enter a new one, which can be both exciting and a little bit scary. But while the choice to make the career switch was probably a grueling one, the prospect of explaining your lack of job experience to potential employers is probably downright terrifying.

Though you may be concerned about drawing attention to this missing portion of your career history, don’t spend too much time dwelling on it. The truth is, if you really desire to move into…


Create a Perfect Resume by Stefan Danis

Stefan is the CEO and Chief Talent Officer of Mandrake, Canada’s largest privatly owned search firm. Stefan has worked in human capital development for over 20 years.
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