If you’re currently on a job search, you’ll know exactly how long and difficult the process can be; staying motivated and focussed over a long period of time can be difficult and downright frustrating. However as you monitor your job search and the focus becomes fuzzy, take a step back and take a deep breath; we’ve got some invaluable tips and tricks to help make the process of finding that dream job a little more bearable.

Find a Legitimate Motivator

Firstly you need to understand why you’re looking for a job in the first place and if you’re first response is because I need to pay the bills then you’re not going to find that burning passion needed to sustain a long search. Discover yourself and find out what makes you tick then direct that direction and focus into finding a job that utilises your unique passion. Believe it or not, many jobs have been given to under qualified individuals based on enthusiasm and passion alone. Until you find this drive for your job search in the UK, I would say you’re in for a rough time.

Practice and Perfect Snappy Communication

Next practice your communication skills and try to distil your motivation for a job to 1-minute, 30-second and one-sentence iterations. I know it sounds like very little time, but should you take any longer the decision will have long been made before you can even finish. You may not be able to use this tip for job search websites, but as far as networking is concerned this tip is essential. However as soon as you’ve mastered this skill, forget all about it; sounds crazy, but employers aren’t likely to respond to rehearsed paraphrasing and you’re better off sounding natural. Not to worry, the lessons you learnt perfecting your pitches will become like muscle memory and you’ll be better at communication in general because of it.

Get Creative, Modernise Your Résumé

Many a job search online has been successful for people who revolutionise the way they see the typical resume. One example is of a girl who wanted a job at Pinterest so much that she completely formatted her entire résumé on a Pinterest board. While the jury is still out on whether she got the job she wanted, she certainly got quite a few offers. Her Pinterest journal ended her job search because she took a new approach to an old tradition. The age of the paper résumé and business card is over; get digital, get creative.

Enjoy Your Downtime

The last tip I have for your job search in Europe or abroad is one that completely contradicts the point of one, but you’ll be happy you listened; enjoy every minute of the time you spend unemployed. Sure it’s stressful not to have work, but it’s just as stressful not to have time off. When you eventually find that job, and you will, you’ll wish you relaxed more when you had the chance. Get the balance right and your job search needn’t be the frustration exercise that is most certainly is.

About the author: Eugene Calvini is a writer and career consultant; operating from offices Cardiff he understands the pressure of the working world and tries to help in any way he can.


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