In a killer recession you need to make sure you’re prepared for a killer interview when you’re looking for the perfect position. Don’t leave anything to chance; you have to make sure that you’re the candidate that appears at the very top of the list.

Top Ten Practical Interview Strategies For Job Seekers

1. Educate yourself about the company that is interviewing you. Research is key to performing well in a job interview. The more you know about the company and what they do, the better prepared you’ll be to answer industry specific questions.

2. Find out who will be interviewing you. You don’t need to know your interviewer personally, but if you’re being interviewed by your potential ‘new boss’ it’s always wise to understand what he or she does within the company.

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3. Prepare your CV. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your CV. This could include difficult questions about gaps in your employment history and you specific skill set.

4. Dress to kill. Don’t dress as if you’re going out for a night on the town, but dress the part for your interview. It’s especially important to take note of the corporate dress code and make sure that you look like you’ll fit in.

5. Test yourself. Make a list of the most common interview questions that are making the rounds of HR today. Practice your answers and be prepared to improvise when you’re in the interview. The most important answer that you should prepare is one on your strengths and weaknesses. Do a personal SWOT analysis before any interview.

6. Be punctual. Don’t arrive ‘just in time’; plan on arriving at least 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time so that you have time to relax and prepare before you start your interview. Leave enough time for travel even if you have to walk around the block a couple of times, it is always better to be earlier than late.

7. If you are going to be asked to perform a test, make sure that you’re prepared for it. When you are offered the job interview, ask whether or not you should bring a portfolio or whether there will be any testing as a part of the interview.

8. Prepare for more than one interviewer. Your first interview will probably be with a single person, but if you impress them enough, you’ll be invited back for a group interview. It’s worthwhile doing some research of how to handle group interviews before you face a panel.

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9. Ask questions during the interview. Don’t try to haggle about remuneration just yet, but prepare a couple of questions about the company and the job for your interviewer. It shows that you’ve done your homework.

10. Stay calm. Not every interview will go your way. Not every interview will lead to a job offer. Keep calm during your interview and show your potential new employer what an asset you can be.

These top interview tips were prepared by Cancer Research Jobs


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