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There are several people who wish to work after their post military career. However, not everybody finds it easy to pass the interview and move on to get a new job. There is a vast difference between serving the military and working for an organization. There are people who walk into the organization only to be rejected. After serving the military for years, it is quite possible that you may not be aware about the latest changes in the interview techniques.

Here are a few tips to prepare for post military career job interview given by the experts.

· First, when you plan to get into a new job, you need to be sure of the field you choose. Once you are sure where you want to be, you need to network and let the people know that you are looking for a job. This will help you narrow down on any new position in a particular organization.

· When it is time for you to prepare for an interview, you need to figure out what kind of skills and qualifications are required. Get to know the job profile well so you can prepare for the interview accordingly.

· The first step in getting prepared for the job interview is to create an impressing resume. Make sure you follow the latest resume pattern and make it eye catching and interesting.

· It is always good to visit the website of any organization you plan to visit for an interview. This will help you know what the company deals in and what their business traits are.

· Get hold of the typical and most common questions asked at an interview. It proves to be of great help when you are in the interview room. Being prepared for questions like, “why should we hire you?” and some logical questions to check your presence of mind, will help you perform well.

· As a military personal you would have always carried the perfect attitude. When you walk into another organization for an interview, you are judged on everything as a whole. Thus, along with some talent you also need to look smart and bright. Wear formal clothes, walk smartly and make use of your etiquettes. Remember, the moment you step into the organization you are observed.

· When you have to enter the interview room, remember it is very important for you to get connected with the interviewers. You need to pass on the positive vibes on them.

· It is good to send a thank you card to the employer. Often, you may need to call them back if you do not hear from them for a while. Many people find it quite awkward to ring back, but it is important to know your status after the interview. You never known they might have just missed out calling you, but your reminder helped you get the job.

It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression, so make the effort to give your best. Be confident through the entire interview and you will find it much easier to sail through.

Reprinted with permission.

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