With Australia’s mining and resource boom, many people have made the journey Down Under to find skilled jobs. According to Australian government statistics, most immigrants come from India, followed by the UK, and – somewhat surprisingly – America in third. According to the Wall Street Journal, moving to Australia is seen as a better choice, as many Americans have to face an unemployment rate of 10%. Here are three reasons why more Americans are calling Australia home.

It’s lucrative

Western Australia has long been the destination of choice for skilled migrants, as it has always had a lower unemployment rate than the national average. Back in the States, there are just too many people and not enough jobs. Australia is in the fortunate position of having the opposite problem, especially when it comes to skilled labour. In Western Australia, there has been a huge drive to bring in foreign skilled workers, particularly in the resources sector, and Americans have heeded that call. According to the WSJ, US citizens can expect to earn double than what they make back home – doing the same work!

It’s not just mining

When most people think of mining, they think of working underground in harsh conditions. The Australian mining industry is massive and incorporates just about any skilled sector you can think of, including accounting, IT, finance and biotechnology. Americans have realised that even if they have a business degree, they can get a piece of the Australian labour pie. There is also huge demand in healthcare and construction, and many Americans have found sponsored skilled employment through these sectors.

It’s not a quick fix

The resources boom in Australia is set to last, with BHP Billiton recently announcing that it will need an extra 170 000 workers in the next five years (abc.com). Americans are able to stay in Australia for up to seven years or longer. According to the WSJ, if they have the right skills, they can apply for a non-renewable work permit (which is valid for three years), and then apply for a renewable 457 visa (which is valid for four years). For US citizens who don’t meet the skilled visa qualifying criteria, there’s always the option of studying. According to the WSJ, there has been a 10% increase in the number of Americans enrolling for study programmes in various Australian learning institutions.

It’s clear to see why more Americans are being drawn to Australia’s shores. Dire employment prospects back home, coupled with opportunities to make big money, make Australia an appealing choice. If you have the needed skills, why not consider a more lucrative life Down Under?

Ang Lloyd writes on behalf of Skilled Migrant Jobs, a job portal that helps people from the UK, South Africa, India, China and America find jobs in Australia.


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