How Experts Develop a Positive Mindset – Enabling them to Achieve Incredible Feats

Listen to Pen Hadow, Record Breaking Polar Explorer, draw on how he developed a positive mindset on his challenging journey – part of #12 of the Maximise Potential podcast. Maximise Potential is here to help you become successful in your life by offering free coaching and mentoring through a series of unique interviews from inspiring people who all display exceptional self-belief, mental toughness and desire to achieve. Further Links: – To learn more about the Maximise Potential podcast please visit www.maximisepotential.co.uk – To…


Resume Coverletters That Get Results!

Looking for a job can be one of the most overwhelming, stressful activities you ever undertake.  Making the resume can be time-consuming and difficult, but for most types of jobs, it’s a necessity.  Once the resume is finished, your next question will likely be, “How do I write resume coverletters?”  There’s not really an easy answer for this question, but we can pass along a few tips on how to write a winning cover letter that just might get you the interview that you want.

When you begin looking…


December grads face weak job market

www.EmploymentCrossing.com According to GreenvilleOnline, a South Carolina paper’s online publication, the job market is much bleaker for December college graduates than a year ago. National, state, and local college career experts say job opportunities exist, but are limited. Flora Riley, executive director of Clemson Universitys Michelin Career Center, is advising students to put the same time and effort into job searches as they would a four-credit hour class with a lab. She anticipates that the next two years could be rough with employers…


Emergency Steps to Deal With the Loss of your Job

Just been shocked and awed by suddenly being handed the pink slip or been forced to resign because of a weird appraisal or transfer? Feeling as if the world is breaking apart? No clue about what to do about the situation and how to break the news to your family? Here are some tips in how to handle the situation.

Losing your job is not the end of the world.

First of all, try to retain your calm and don’t let the logical part of your brain…


Resume Writing Tips for Administrative Assistants

How to write a professional resume doiop.com Download resume writing software online cover letter & resume writing for college students help writing resume
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Handwritten resume VS. Typed resume?

I am applying for a Vet Assitant job and have to produce a handwritten resume. Is it the same format as a typed resume or is it supposed to be paragraph structured? Is there a sample I could look at?
They are REQUESTING a handwritten resume. I just need to know what format to use. Thanks :)
They are REQUESTING a handwritten resume. I just need to know what format to use. Thanks :)

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How to Find the Right Job Board

Finding the right job board is not only of value to the person presenting their resume, but to the person that is looking for candidates for future employment.  For both people seeking employment and employers seeking people, a job board has become a crucial part of the process. 

Steps for landing employment by finding the right job board:

Start with your profession. For writer, this means registering and submitting your portfolio and resume to journalism job boads and freelance writing job boards. Both companies and individuals…


Heartbreak Interview

Harley is late for his job interview and everything that could possibly go wrong, does. Candace, the HR Director, learns that her boyfriend is leaving her smack in the middle of her job interview. The Job Search Guy™ provides valuable interview tips so you’re always prepared! www.jobsearchguy.com
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How to find recession proof jobs

www.howdini.com Even during an economic downturn, some careers are safe. Career consultant Maggie Mistal explains which industries are recession proof, no matter what the overall job market is doing. How to find recession proof jobs What is a recession-proof job? * Jobs that cant be outsourced * Jobs for which there is a great demand What are some top recession-proof industries? Health Care * Baby Boomers are aging and they will require increased health services. * In addition to health care and care…


Do You Sound Like Grandpa Simpson in Your Cover Letter?

Grandpa Simpson from the hit cartoon comedy The Simpsons is one of my favourite characters. The flaw in his character is that he cannot seem to give a straight answer to the simplest question and the result is that he always manages to alienate those around him.

Writing a lot in your cover letter can be as bad, or worse, as not writing enough. I won’t bore you with an example because I want you to read to the end. But just imagine a novel like document filled with paragraph…


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