Resume Coverletters That Get Results!

Looking for a job can be one of the most overwhelming, stressful activities you ever undertake.  Making the resume can be time-consuming and difficult, but for most types of jobs, it’s a necessity.  Once the resume is finished, your next question will likely be, “How do I write resume coverletters?”  There’s not really an easy answer for this question, but we can pass along a few tips on how to write a winning cover letter that just might get you the interview that you want.

When you begin looking for information about how to write resume coverletters, you need to take into consideration the type of job you are applying for.  Your resume, if written correctly, is designed to showcase your background, experience and abilities.  The cover letter is used to highlight and further explain the areas of your resume that you want a specific potential employer to look at.

You should start out your cover letter by introducing yourself and mentioning where you discovered the position was available.  (ie: newspaper ad, online source, friend, etc.)   If someone referred you, make sure that you mention his or her name in the second or third sentence of the letter.  Some people may think it unwise to mention people you know, but the reality is that it could make a difference in getting an interview.  You remember the old saying, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know!”   Your cover letter should be something that intrigues the potential employer, making them want to interview you.  But make sure you keep it professional at all times!

While you are researching about how to make resume coverletters, you need to keep in mind, your final objective.  Then communicate that in the body of the letter.  Make sure you let your potential employer know how excited you are at the opportunity to interview with them, and that you are the perfect candidate for the job.  Let them know that your experience and qualifications are exactly what they are looking for.  Then sit back, and wait for the phone call!

The state of the current economy has put millions of people out of work.  Those millions of people are all vying for the few available jobs.  Many employers have reported many dozens, even hundreds of applicants for an available position.  In most cases, they do not have time to read every word on every resume.  Many of them read through the cover letter.  If nothing catches their attention, they move on to the next one.  Excellent resume coverletters can give you that edge, “a foot in the door” towards an interview.

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