You Have To Use The Right Bait To Get That Job Interview

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Many job seekers have one basic resume in the same way that a musician may only know how to perform one or two songs well. Different jobs searches require different resumes. Different type of jobs requires different tailor made resumes.

First you should decide on your job objective. This can be best accomplished by writing a concise job objective that describes the job that you are seeking. Your entire resume will be organized around that objective. Deciding on a clear job objective will help you determine the best way to organize your resume for the job search, select appropriate keywords and present your job and career experiences.

First on the blueprint list is to choose the most appropriate resume layout for your resume project. Among the most popular resume layout schemes are reverse chronological, functional and lastly a combination of both.

The reverse chronological layout is best to show skills, work experience and logical career progression that are directly related to the employment job target. This layout should be chosen when you wish to emphasize steady, solid work experience without major employment gaps. Place prominently at the very top of the resume the information category that best supports your job objective or career objectives. List your employment history in reverse chronological order with the most recent experience first on the list. Ensure that you stress the major accomplishments and responsibilities of each position. It is best to avoid repeating details that are common to several of the work employment positions.

The second of the resume preparation formats is the “functional” resume. You should use this resume format is you lack work experience that is directly related to your job employment career target. As well the functional format of resume type is appropriate are you having gaps in employment history. In our day and age gaps in the employment history of men generally draw much more attention whereas in the case of the female sex leaving the workplace for a number of reason whether it be for raising children or other household duties is not such a red flag in the employment hiring process.

Clearly emphasize your skills that relate to the job objectives and substantiate them with measurable accomplishments. Use separate paragraphs to emphasize each skill category. Arrange the paragraphs in order or importance to objective, listing the most appropriate and important skills first.

Lastly the third and last of these resume format is that of the “Combination” resume format. You can and should capture an employer’s attention by emphasizing the match between your skills and the position’s requirements. Consider the combination layout if you want to emphasize your skills or if you have limited experience. List your skills in a reverse chronological list of job experiences. Add credibility by linking your achievement with specific employers and time periods. Place your education summary where it best suits your objectives. If your education is more closely related to the skills required for you target job, then place your educational information before your work experience information.

It is often said that it ‘how you tell the story” not the story itself that counts. . The same holds true with your resume and its preparation. The whole purpose of the job employment resume is to open the door for an interview. Different jobs require different resumes that are targeted for that specific job. How could it be otherwise? Choose the most appropriate resume layout format to be the bait to get that interview or interviews on the way to landing that job.

Shaun Z. Stevens
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Reprinted with permission.

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