when sending resume and cover letter for job where do you list salary requirements?

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6 Responses to “when sending resume and cover letter for job where do you list salary requirements?”

  1. mel s says:

    You don’t a potential employer will look at your education and your salary on your last job, and make you an offer accordingly.

  2. sdm1969 says:

    Always leave it alone.. If the company is interested in calling you for a interview,,,then it would be the time to ask. If there is a place on a application that asks for your starting salary..always put doen open for discussion.. That way if you ask for too much they will call you. If you put open for discussion thay will do just that.

  3. Resume Crazy - Robert H says:

    If you are required to list a salary requirement, list it in the cover letter. Only list it if required.

    Example: I will telephone you shortly to discuss…. …..my salary range is between $xxxxxx and $xxxxxx per year.

    If you must, only discuss range. Do your research. Crunch the numbers.


  4. Rosa B says:

    listing salaries on a cover letter or resume is a no-no. Wait until you are offered a position to start bargaining.

  5. tigglys says:

    Unless it is specifically requested in the posting, don’t go there.

    I’m *assuming* you aren’t applying for jobs that you know are going to be too junior for you, so they should be around what you would accept (some negotiation is always okay, too.) But a VP shouldn’t apply for an entry level job!

    If you must list it, include in the cover – as well as that you are open to negotiation (if you are.)

    Best of luck

  6. nikiverc says:

    You will not list the salary requirements unless asked to do so. If asked usually you will list them in the later part of the body of the cover letter. Be careful how you word it so as not to kill response chances. Always put something and make sure it is within the salary range noted for the position. It’s always good to put a range and note that it is negotiable.