How do I summarize this job on a resume?

I’m a cocktail waitress at a casino and I’m not sure how to describe it on my resume. I’m a college grad and just took the job while i was searching for a “real job” I just take drink orders, and take them to the customers….I would appreciate any help.

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6 Responses to “How do I summarize this job on a resume?”

  1. Brook B says:

    actually unless it pertains to the work you are going to be doing I wouldn’t include it. try to make your resume reflect experience that exemplifies the job you are applying for. Otherwise it is just filler and a waste of time for you prospective employer.

  2. MICHELINE S says:

    If not so comfortable with saying what the job was .Maybe you could say you been working with customer service and could be a large verity of jobs. good luck!!

  3. ph002h says:


    -served food and beverages to customers
    -catered to customers at poker/darts and roulette tables
    -provided outstanding customers service to casino patrons

    not much you can say about the job so im guessing this should adequately describe it
    try not to go into any details that may sound embarrasing or funny such as “satisfied patrons’ every need”

  4. Lippy Lesbo. says:

    Emphasize the customer service angle, it’s a huge help for any field of work, then in the interview you’ll spend a large amount of time talking about how to handle difficult customers, multi-tasking, etc.

    You’re actually more experienced than you think, and I’m sure you have an array of interesting stories. Not to mention we’ve all done jobs while we’re waiting for our ‘real’ ones to come in, no one will fault you for that, especially as a college grad.

    You just need to make sure you focus on the attributes of the job, rather than the specific tasks. Customer service, multi-tasking, fast paced environment, maintaining a professional yet personable relationship with both customers and co-workers, etc.

    All job experience is just that, experience.

  5. Danny says:

    Well I agree to a point with the previous answer, but if you don’t have any other job experience to list on the app, you may want to describe a little more what was required of you.

    You have background in customer relations,cash management and transactions, trust was placed in you to run credit cards and receipts back and forth from customers, your memory was exercised by having to remember drinks, often times you were a set of ears to listen, maybe a shoulder to cry on and so forth.
    I think that the position of bar waitress in itself may be somewhat intriguing to a potential employer as there are many facets to the job.
    My opinion is that the experience you gained while doing that job was definitely beneficial in learning about day to day life.

  6. hkeel5050@verizon.net says:

    I am presuming you are trying for an occupation in your field of study. “Brook B” has your answer, I would add to that; do add your waitress experience but more as an added attraction rather than the main event. It shows a work history, this is just as important as is the resume’ itself. Even any volunteer work you may have done. Definately list your college intern or extern work if you did that and any instructors that may give you a good recommendation.