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Women – Should she be equal to men

She is the creator of men


O Woman! Lovely woman! Nature made thee,

to temper man: we had been brutes without you

Angels are painted fair, to look like you.”

Thomas Otway

That is the power of her existence. She is truly divine in disguise of human. But it is equally important that society runs on two wheels, both the wheels must be equally strong to run smoothly. Although legally and theoretically women is now recognized as the social equal of man, but the institutions of caste, the patriarch family and the prevailing value system are still surcharge on them due to the spirit of male dominance or what  we call male chauvinism. 

But it is the power of emotion, which is the evocation of the infinite faculties of women representing her ability to scale the height of thought, love, beauty, care, affection, sacrifice and the list is endless. She is the magnificent creation of God, a multifaceted personality with the power of benevolence, adjustability, integrity and tolerance. She is the companion of man gifted with equal mental faculty protection and provider of the embodiment of love and affection. The role given to the women in society is measuring rod and true index of its civilization attainment. She is the builder and molder of a nation’s destiny. Though delicate and soft as lily, she has a heart, far stronger and bolder than of man. She is the supreme inspiration for man’s onward march.

If one happens to turn the pages of history (women like Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Sushmita Sen and so many worth appreciating)role of women stand out in resplendent letters. As she not only has proved her abilities as soft, delicate, emotional and caring mother, wife, sister, nurse but also she is the one who has attained the heights of achieving success in the field of Aeronautical sciences. She is spreading the message of being equal to men by achieving success in almost all walks of life which earlier was considered foreign to women’s nature and attitude.

It is hard fact that when men get name and fame and recognition it takes them to chauvinistic attitude, and they start considering themselves as the unconquerable monarchs, but look at the women’s modesty and generosity she accepts this looked upon attitude not to challenge the world of men but accepts it as a trifle hurdle where like other spheres she has to mark her presence, which is yet to be discovered, which is yet to have spread some vestiges of hope.  Why shouldn’t she be considered equal to men? Why? After all she plays great part in the progress of any country as the mental and physical contact of women with life is much more lasting and comprehensive than of men. “For the hands that rocks the cradle rules the world”. In women is hidden the revolutionary energy which establish paradise on this earth. She is less selfish; more dedicated to duty and have much potency than men by nature. Only elevating presence of women on the top can help bring in a semblance of order in the present situation, where she is looked upon as the mere, pitiable, weak, helpless and dependent creature. Not only this she is emotional, affectionate, caring and yet firm and is the perennial source of aspiration for man himself in the odyssey of life. Without the emancipation of women, existence of Adam was meaningless. She is the cultural backbone of the society. She is the incarnation of love and existence of men’s very presence.


This is the era of women. They are gradually emerging as a force in social cultural as well as political fields of the country. The tolerance, perseverance, inner strength, insight efficiency of a responsible and good being women help in the governance of the country on wider scale and of family in narrower sense. If men have sight women have insight. She has now occupied a pivotal position and has achieved eminence in different fields. Obstacles, yes obstacles are there in her venture of establishing her presence felt as equal to men but she continues to bind it with hope, optimism, happiness and virtue together as by an indissoluble chain. It is her power only that sets her apart from men on the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder. Rather it will not be an exaggeration if it is said that it is only such qualities, which moulds her personality to a God like height.

 But she is the other half of men. She has got her existence from Adam’s shoulder bone not to forget the evolutions of the first Homo sapiens. Men and women are like body and soul. Like a body without a soul implies a rotting carcass, left to waste away in to nothingness. It is the sexual character which turns breathless life into an otherwise inanimate piece of clay, transforming it into a living piece of creation. It means it is through their complementary relationship only life is generated, so where is the space left to discriminate between them. There are just small oblivions which need to be replaced with shining world which should echo concrete jingles of equal and hormonal relationship between men and women. After all nothing is perfect.

Sangeeta Chaudhary
Astrology and Blue Sapphire

Saturn can be the greatest friend – understand saturn and proppitiate saturn and see the valuable great blessings of lord Saturn
It is the Stars. The Stars above us govern our conditions.

King Lear, Act IV
Human desires are controlled by cosmic rotation of planets. It is quite bold statement as the scientists who want facts and facts only to prove the existence of metaphysical forest of knowledge, can challenge it. But let us simplify it with an illustration, as we know that desire for Knowledge is the evidence of Soul or Spirit _ it is the dividing line, separating Mankind from the animals. By Knowledge Man only becomes free__ free from the fate that ignorance would condemn him to bear. Like suppose one knew that heavy stone was at that moment falling from the roof, towards one’s head. As a sensible person, one would jump aside and be saved__ but the stone would continue to fall. In other words, the law or cause that might have killed the man is here represented__ he escaped only because he was protected by knowledge.

As Saturn’s and Mars planets were recently came closer to each other was something which was bound to happen, it was cosmic law _ not to be changed can never be changed.

All we have to take care of is to protect ourselves from the negative vibrations of the movement of the planets. But question lies that how to protect and can it be possible. Yes, it is possible and can definitely be done. It is just simple like a person’s health seriously affected at a certain period of time and as a sensible person one would escape the threatened break or try to minimize the consequences by consulting doctor and taking medicine. Doctor for planetary malfunction and benefaction is Astrology, which offers number of medicaments. One of the important measures is wearing precious stones to minimize the evil effect of planets.

Blue Sapphire or neelam or sauri ratna or shani priya removes evil effects of Saturn. It has the power of elevating ones status right from social life to professional life. It brings name, fame and wealth to its user. But caution is required as it can bring misfortune too. So it is advisable to first test it for a week or so before final wearing. But should all the people suffering from afflicted Saturn, wear it? No, let us know who all should wear it and when to wear it and other reasonable information about this stone.

Shani or Saturn is the presiding deity of longevity, calamities, spiritual wisdom and difficulties. It is both giver and destroyer. In all the twelve zodiac signs it resides for the period of 2 ½ years. When it resides in horoscope in 12th, 2nd and 1st house it resides for 7 ½ years, when it transits over moon from the previous house to the next house where moon is located takes 7 1/2 years to move which is called sarrsati. During this period it troubles the native financially, physically and sometimes to the extent of loss of social image.

There are also the great examples of saturn making Kings and emperors and Prime Ministers in this period or its major period . Saturn can be the greatest friend not foe . Depends on it’s location and other aspects in the horoscope.
Indira Gandhi ruled India as one of the strongest prime ministers in the history of free and democratic India. This was in the major period of Saturn . During Saturn’s major period or transitory phases one can be advised to wear blue sapphire. Also people born in Capricon rashi and lagna, Acquarious rashi and lagna, Taurus rashi and lagna, Gemini rashi and lagna, Virgo rashi and lagna, Libra rashi and lagna can wear this stone. Zodiac signs Cancer, Leo and Pisces should not even try to wear it.

Saturn exalts in Libra and deblitates in Aries .Gets combusted if it is within the 15 degrees orb of Sun. Saturn is known as the son Sun God .
Indian astrological scientists have also invented many other methods to please the God Saturn. However here it is the subject of blue saffires and astrology .
According to numerology people born on the dates 8, 17, and 26 can wear this stone. It is believed that it has the power to ease anxiety, attract love, gain social respect, fetch financial profits, calms anger and controls negative emotions. It is also associated with the power of curing diseases like rheumatism, colic, weak eyesight, dental infirmities, deafness, baldness, arthritis, alcoholism, depression, frustration and mental illness. It can also gift the user with the special power of remembering past lives and give telepathic powers to its user.

Academically it helps the user to excel in the field of engineering, in automobile industry, iron industry and help in maintaining cordial relationship with the employees. People with strong Saturn are gifted with the quality of managing masses .

One should be cautious of not wearing coral, ruby and pearl along with this stone. It should be worn on Saturday and be worn on second finger of right hand and weight should be 5 to 7 carats or rattis and should be set in silver. It can be substituted with lapis lazuli, malachite or amethyst.

There should be no cracks, black spot and chipped edges. One should test it before wearing. Keep it under your pillow or your pocket for 3-4 days if pleasant dreams come it is good but if bad dreams occur don’t wear it.

Sapphires are second in hardness, next to diamond and therefore don’t need much of care. Before wearing it wash it in rose water and immersed it in milk for one hour during the first hour starting from sunrise of first Saturday to the next Saturday.

Sapphires are found in India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Thailand, Australia, U.S.A, U.K., Nepal, Mexico, Zambia and Nigeria. In India they are found in Jammu and Kashmir and are considered the best in the world.

Sapphires are epitome of love, loyalty, friendship, sympathy, harmony, emotions and yearning. They are all time favorite stones for the occasion of engagement or marriage. It is considered as the, stone of stones, and easily be identified. All we have to do is to check inclusions, which can be seen with naked eyes if it is not the same than it is not the genuine one. The inclusions are generally like feathers or like finger print impressions.
So be careful when you buy one for yourself.

Astrology and Venus

Venus is the nearest planet to the earth and scientist has nicknamed it as morning and evening star. Sometimes people don’t recognize it and call the police because they think that it is UFO or some alien spaceship. It is quite similar to earth and astrologers take it as signpost of love, sex, optimistic attitude, physical attraction, art, and affection and represents the receptive, emotional , passive and female principles..

In esoteric astrology Venus is regarded as the abode of concrete knowledge. Venus house conjunction shows how you express socially, romantically, and aesthetically in the different areas of the life cycle. Venus brings a sense of harmony, refinement and aesthetic taste to the house it occupies. Venus is the planet of pleasure as it is said that when on journey your car gets a puncture it is mostly to be occurred near gas station. In mythology Venus, or Aphrodite, is considered as the goddess of love. It represents femininity, sensuousness, it is the soft feeling of baby powder on one’s palm, the feeling of sand on one’s hand, the scent of wild flowers, it takes us for trip to earthly pleasures.

Venus retrogrades every 18 months for 6 weeks.
In Gustus Holst’s musical composition The Planets, Venus is called Bringer of peace. It is the ruling planet of Libra and Taurus. It is the planet of Friday. In Chinese astrology it is associated with the element metal.
In its sleeping state it can make man lethargic, sluggish, vain and preoccupied with appearance. It makes us just like a large woman eating chocolate and continuously watching T.V and lying on the sofa. It then makes one passive, inert, and unable to make positive changes.

In its awakened state it becomes the healer, with total balance between mind, body and soul. It blesses one with perfection of form, shape, art, and beauty in artistic piece of work. Strange but world’s greatest artist are all men. It makes one stylish luxury lover, selective, charming and easy going. Retro gradation of Venus. During Venus retrograde love impulses, attractions, values, relationships, money and possessions are altered and do not function in their usual way. This means it is the time to go and finish pending work also it deals with deep feelings of past events. They are activated internally and difficult to express externally. It is the time to know you, time to have a peep in what and why you prioritize those things which might have been waspish for others but comfortable to you. It is the time to tune your instincts for guidance.

As far as money is concerned you need to bother extravagant expenditure try to look beyond surface appearances. Also try to pocket information than actually buying things for you for instance you can sit on net and browse right from fashion tips to business tips than actually spending on them. This is the time which makes you rethink and reanalyze your decisions than implementing them in true sense.

In Vedic Astrology Venus represents Poetics, Aesthetics, and Rhetoric. Research says that most of the greatest poets and artists have Venus in their horoscope. Like Tennyson, Byron, Aurobindo, Omar Khyam and Tagore. During this time avoid weddings, opening fashion houses, beauty salon, art gallery, launching of a women magazine, buying expensive items, radical changes in personal looks and investments, parties and social events etc.

We should rather during this time try to clean the house and throw the things of no value or importance. We should also ask genuinely for forgiveness, try to remove the differences in relationship , contact the old friends to maintain relationships and develop unconditional love by doing prayers, meditations and through spiritualism.


Women and Photography

Photography is the art of reproducing pictures of people, nature or any depiction of values, sentiments, emotions, or actions through the instrument or device called camera. Like other discoveries the world of photography has undergone sudden and gradual changes from the camera without the film to the development of film with the method of photogram that is a method of making permanent images.

Life has taken a new dimension with the modern concept of photography. We have now various types of photography, like we have aerial photography, art photography, studio or advertising photography, outdoor and travel photography, photojournalism, and sports photography.

It is said the history has become more interesting because of those momentary clicks which gives life to past in present. And this meaningful life has the great of contribution of women folk in it like they are excelling in the field of medical sciences, teaching line, aeronautical sciences etc. they have made a special place in the field of photography also. Yes, once again the field which was considered as the men’s sole hierarchy. Actually hurdle is not the competition but it is the material used, which was not only smelly but has sort of hit and miss affair, which makes the profession a thought over for women, and moreover the equipments required for the photography are cumbersome.

The most illuminating fact still lies in the fact that women have entered in this profession way back during First World War. We have names like Lotte Jacobi, Aenne Biermann and Yva who have established themselves as renowned photographers of their time and have portrayed the pictures of self-dramatization. The way to success in this field was also not easy. Whenever the women used to shoot and work along with team of men or their husbands it was always their men co-partners or their husbands who used to pocket fame.

In this field also we have classes. First class is the behind the scene class which takes care of all the printing work from the negatives for which they get very less remunerations. Second class is assistance classes, which assist the women customers in toilettes, sit at reception, take orders, collect the cash and maintain good PR’S. Third class is the class of actual photographers who has brains to master their skills in this field. It has given more successful names of women in this field than . Various exhibitions have been organized to depict the journey of women photographers from the First World War to the period of Nazism.


Substantial cash awards are announced every year for upcoming women photographers, competitions and many federations have also been formed to encourage few women talent in this field. We have names like:

Christina Broom is regarded as the first British woman press photographer. The number of events she covered included Derby Day, at Epsom, Surrey, investitures of monarchs, women suffrage demonstrations, the Oxford and Cambridge Boat race, and the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace.
Nancy Ford cones is another name who operated in Ohio. She received second prize for a photograph entitled ” Threading the Needle” in a Kodak competition.
Clementina Hawarden was awarded a medal by the (then) Photographic Society, though she died aged forty-two, before receiving the award. The Victoria and Albert Museum, London owns many of her prints.

And the names are still adding. The work of photography by women presents striking portrayal of beauty, strife, sorrow, and dignity. Many so-called photographic works by the women bog the admirers with its picaresque quality. And in this they are more careful than men to tailor their work simply and effectively and which provides the reader with a fascinating and diverse view of photography at its best

Ageless entrepreneurs: Timeless Principles

Who is an entrepreneur?
The word entrepreneur derives from the French word “entre” (to enter) and “prendre” (to take), and literally it means the one who knows to synchronize… between his intellect and assets to accumulate gains (material as well as spiritual).

“It is not magic; it is not mysterious; it has nothing to do with genes. It is a discipline, and, like any discipline, it can be learned.”–Drucker. 1985 (1)Entrepreneurship is about a way of thinking and behaving. Entrepreneurs are people who are engaged in the process of creating and building something of value from practically nothing. They focus on doing and producing rather than watching and talking. Success flows to them as they focus on sensing opportunities, marshalling resources, taking calculated risks and pushing ideas through to reality, entrepreneurial thinking in action.

God: The greatest enterpreneur
Aesthetically or in the world of cosmos God is the greatest, original, ageless, omnipresent and omnipotent enterpreneur who has through his architectural skills and supernatural skills has created the LIFE . He is beyond time and space and is the initiater of huge energy field of this undestructible cosmos. To simplify He can make 24 more universes. The present universe actually has the speed to expand at the speed of light. God has used just 4% of the energy in creating this .That explains the enormous abundance and affluence available for the man kind to avail by using mind rightly. It is not being used more than 20% yet . Since man is the outcome of God’s manifestations, He has made him combination of intellect, emotions, spiritualism, intuitive powers and knowledge which embibes man with collective entrepreneurship so to call consciousness.

The seed : THOUGHT
A man’s mind is like a garden. If we plant good seeds, we will have a good garden. But if we don’t plant anything, something will grow and they will be weeds. That is nature’s law. As someone has rightly said: Our thoughts are causes You sow a thought, you reap an action. You sow an action, you reap a habit. You sow a habit, you reap a character. You sow a character, you reap a destiny. It all starts with a thought. “Precisely it all starts with right approach with right timings, of course age is not the restriction for entrepreneurship. I happened to read a story in one of the books which briefly sums up the approach taken by an entrepreneur. It runs like this: A man died and St. peter asked him if he would like to go to heaven or hell. The man showed his interest to visit both before taking final decision. He was taken to hell first where he saw a big hall with a long table, lots of food on it and music playing. He also saw rows of people with pale , sad faces. They looked starved and there was no laughter. He also found that these people were tied to four foot forks and knives and they were trying to get the food from the table to put into their mouths, but they couldn’t. After that he visited heaven. He found same things and people like in hell. But he got flabbergasted seeing the people there as they were laughing and were well-fed and healthy looking. He noticed that they were feeding one another across the table. The result was happiness, prosperity, enjoyment and gratification because they were not thinking of themselves alone but they were thinking to win. The same is true of lives of entrepreneurs. For example:

Once colgate company’s Md was visited by a consultant who after hard struggle got an appointment with him. He proposed the MD to increase the sale of the co. by 80 percent ( appx.) with his idea only. Reluctant but seeing consultant’s confidence, strong will, belief in self and spitfire gave him an opportunity to give his idea and rest is the story which everybody knows that he proposed to make the colgate tubes of plastic than that of aluminium and also by increasing the mouth of the tube by few cms which brought him position and also money. The owner of pan parag masala also made his fortune by introducing small pouches of pan parag so that general mass can also afford that, which thereafter brought a revolution in the business market of goods . Bill gates the richest man in the world is another example who has revolutionized the world of communications throgh the internet and by creating infrastructure for super information highway. One can call George Bush also the great entrepreneur who is making a protection cell for his country’ s energy security by enhancing oil wealth. Dhirubhai Ambani is another great entrepreneur who established the biggest fortune 500 company in the private sector, though he just started his struggle around the middle age. He came from small village family of gujrat in India and did not have formal education. He has left behind a legend Reliance group which is the pride of India . There are entrepreneurs in all the fields. Alexander the great , Ghengis Khan ,Ashoka the great were warrior entrepreneurs. Columbus who discovered America the greatest country of present times was an adventurist entrepreneurs. There are entrepreneurs in sciences , trading , entertainment , acting , media , politics , writing etc. There are many whom we can name but the list is unending. So the seed is thought if one knows what to get from where, how, when, why and from whom one has the calibre to establish oneself as the greatest enterpreneur. Napoleon Hill wrote Henry Ford never saw the face of school but had these qualities. By and large everyone of us has the potential only the degree varies from person to person and society to society and environment to environment and country to country.

The principles
Shiv khera has rightly said that “winners don’t do different things. They do things differently. “Enterpreneurs seek perfection in everything they do. They have the guiding principles like having confidence mastered by positive thinking. They have the sixth sense of making their failures their success. That is, they learn from their failures more. They do right thing for the right reason and in right time, they are not carried away by their impulses what brings them credibility is controlling their senses, things etc. instead of being controlled by them. Their best resource is the human resource as they build trust by developing mutual respect with people. They make the most obscure the known and important thing which not only generates wealth for them but also help them in removing obstacles to bring effectiveness and positive results. They know that success can be achieved if they abide by spiritualism and materialism together. They are able to relax in action and act in relaxation as they are not afraid of vacuum bringers like fear, ineffective beliefs, darkness, as they know that these are absences which vanish when the light is there as after every night there is new brighter morning and the Sun shining. King Soloman believed there is always a Sun meridian time as the Sun is always shining some where on the planet . It never sets for the bright thinkers. Precisely they do things differently. Some loopholes Just the desire to make lot of money, having heard that many entrepreneurs have, is not a basis of bringing fame and name as entrepreneurs. Prone to negative thoughts, insomnias, ignorance, problem creators, pessimism, excuses, selfish people, egoist, lack of planning, lack of training, lack of persistence, lack of priorities, procrastination, lack of discipline, fear of failing, fear of rejection, inability to use talent etc. are some troubleshooters which actually has produced unsuccessful entrepreneurs. Some Strategies Some people have a knack for discerning opportunities in ordinary events. But there are things you can do. Attend lectures. Read books. biographies, go through magazines. dream , visualise creatively . Observe what other people are doing. And talk to others who are involved in similar ventures. The smallest key is collect ideas, organize them, develop them in the form of planning, ask questions, think pros and cons, omit what you think is energy sucker or default, and finally reorganize and shoot.
The moral If you want to be a successful entrepreneur build in the insight, the vision, which makes one the best, successful and renowned entrepreneur. As there is a saying:
” Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers, Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees, Where the vision is eternity, cultivate people.” So think win and be a winner. “
Success desires you to remain away from guilt .
Swami A. Parthasarthy qouted from Bhagwad Geeta , Sin is not in the action , it is the reaction which rebounds after the action .
Plan and take such actions the reaction of which does not make you guilty . Such action of an entrepreneur becomes divine action and no stress can touch you .
Swami Chinmayananda mentioned in his version of Bhagwad Geeta about perfection. The difference between your planning and action is the measure of your lack of perfection. Planning and action go hand in hand for a great entrepreneur whether it is spiritualism or materilaism .You have all the powers within yourselves .

Free resume writing tips

To stand out of the crowd in the field of employment one should know the dexterity of creating a bond with one’s perspective employer. Since most employers spend a few minutes (or less!) looking over each resume they receive, it’s important to package your credentials in an appealing and concise format.

Make your own resume more compelling — by selling your strengths to employers! The goal of your resume is to make an employer want to interview you. It’s a powerful marketing tool that promotes who you are, what you want to do, and the value you will bring to an organization. Tailor it for each individual position. Usually it does not entail too much extra work. It is more a question of emphasizing certain things and de-emphasizing others based on the values placed highly by that employer. The best way to select information that belongs on your resume is to think like an employer. Ask yourself, “If I were hiring a person for this position, what training and experience would be related” Give brief, specific, positive information that would be of interest to your next employer. Do not give unrelated or negative information. Your resume writing can either make or break a job opportunity.


Your resume introduces you to potential employers. Find out how to write one that will make a good impression. Learn about different resume formats.
There is no right or wrong format, as long as your resume is concise, readable, and presents your qualifications in the best possible light.
Reverse Chronological resumes work best for people who have a strong, continuing work history with progressively more responsible positions. Presents material in reverse chronological order starting with the most recent job and then working backwards. Highlights the progress you’ve made in your jobs. unctional resumes work best for entry level, career changes, and those with gaps in their work history. Emphasizes your skills and accomplishments by listing experiences by major functional areas. Skills and accomplishment oriented resumes may be more effective by showing the employer what you can do for him or her based on education, training, or prior experience and accomplishments. Your resume is a profile of your skills, job experience and accomplishments. It is your opportunity to emphasize your strengths, education and talents. Combination resumes combine the chronological and functional formats to highlight selected jobs. A combination of the two may be used to highlight your experience or accomplishments gained from multiple jobs, or career changes. There are 3 popular online resume formats used widely today. These online resume formats include ASCII Text, HTML and PDF.

ASCII Text is basic text that you would use in an email message. HTML is markup language that used to build web pages. The PDF format is Adobe’s format for presenting documents that are embedded within page and cannot be edited. PDF’s are formatted more like a graphical picture, with improved formatting for viewing text images.

Some basics

· Use 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper, 1-2 pages
· Choose ivory, white, cream, buff or light gray paper
· Use personal computer, word processor, typewriter or typesetting
· Keep margins 1″ wide at sides and bottom
· Check for and correct any spelling, punctuation, typing or grammatical
· Write short and to-the-point statements
· Keep it brief; write a summary, not a life history!
· Use short phrases beginning with action words to demonstrate
accomplishments and results
· Provide positive and honest information
· Use a simple, professional, easy-to-read style

· Emphasize important information by underlining or using capital letters when
appropriate, but don’t overdo it.
· Don’t list wages, company street addresses, references, salary
requirements, personal problems
· Provide examples of your qualifications

10 common pitfalls to avoid when preparing your résumé:

1. Your résumé should show a clear match between your skills and experience and the job’s requirements. A general résumé with no sharp focus is not seen as competitive. Why are you the best person for this particular position?
2. A solid résumé is much more than a summary of your professional experience; it’s a tool to market yourself. Avoid phrases like “responsibilities included” or “duties included.” Your résumé should not be a laundry list of your duties but rather an announcement of your major accomplishments. Information on a résumé should be listed in order of importance to the reader. Don’t ask employers to wade through your hobbies first. Dates of employment are not as important as job titles.
3. Education should be emphasized if you are freshly out of school and have little work experience; otherwise, put it at the end. If your résumé is difficult to read or key information is buried, it’s more likely to be cast aside.
4. Résumés that go too far back into the job seeker’s work history can put that person at risk for possible age discrimination. Does anyone really need to read about your high school job bagging groceries, especially when that was 20 years ago? The rule of thumb for someone at a senior level is to list about the last 15 years worth of professional experience.
5. Don’t forget to bullet the important skills that make you a standout in your field. Your objective is to play up the value that you will bring to a prospective employer. Emphasize how you will add worth to the company, not the reason you want the job. Employers are looking for someone to enhance the organization, not their own résumé.
6. Try to stay away from the cookie-cutter résumé templates that employers see constantly. Show a little imagination when writing and designing your résumé. But don’t overdo it. Overly artistic or tiny fonts are a no-no, since they’re hard to read and don’t scan or photocopy well.
7. If your Web site includes photos of your cat or your personal blog about what you did over the weekend, don’t steer prospective employers there by including it on your résumé. Keep your personal and your professional life separate in order to be taken seriously.
8. Your résumé is your one chance to make a first impression. A typo or misspelled word can lead an employer to believe that you would not be a careful, detail-oriented employee.
9. Everyone wants to present his or her work experience in the most attractive light, but information contained on your résumé must be true and accurate. Whether you’re simply inflating past accomplishments or coming up with complete fabrications, lying is simply a bad idea. Aside from any moral or ethical implications, chances are you’ll eventually get caught and lose all credibility.
10. A common mistake is neglecting to mention any extra education, training, volunteer work, awards, or recognitions that might pertain to your particular job area or industry. Many

Resume Writing Tips

Begin by determining your objective (do this prior to writing the resume).

Your Resume Objective is the first thing employers will read — make sure it’s great! Your resume will be first scanned for only a few seconds. Your resume objective must capture them and sell them a value.
Too many resume objectives are written with the job seeker’s desire in mind. For example, A sales position where my creativity and skill can be utilized with room for growth!
The above statement does nothing for your employer.
This is all about You! Give them what they want! Answer their question, “what can you do for me?”
Your resume objective should not be YOUR resume objective, but should be your employer’s objective.
Your job is to make a match! Lure them in towards reading the rest of your resume by demonstrating right away, that you know what they need.


OBJECTIVE: Sales position in need of custom 10 years’ experience meeting sales quotas.


It should be mirror to your academics giving in clear picture. For e.g

Example1. 17 years of experience in the finance, service and consumer industries. Expertise in computerized insurance tracking, development of sales territory, sales and customer service training, and operations supervision. Special skills in: Production/Operation, Training Supervision, Customer Service, Field Service Coordination, Budget Management, Problem Solving.

Example 2. Top sales performer in computer software. Increased new accounts by 35%.Achieved top sales award for 3 consecutive years. Developed Internet strategies for various clients in 13 Western states.

Example 3. Veteran photojournalist with extensive regional, national and international experience. A track record of unhesitatingly accepting assignments at a moment’s notice whenever the situation demands. Strong indep worker, as well as a contributing team member.
Guidelines for writing Resume

· Know your audience before you begin writing your resume.
· Your resume must be consistent with the position you are pursuing.
· Choose your language carefully and proofread. Your resume
· must be free of spelling, grammar, punctuation, or typographical errors.
· Tailor your resume to your prospective employer’s needs.
· Highlight the skills and abilities that will make you’re an attractive candidate.
· If possible, use a computer to prepare your resume. There are computer programs that make it easy to produce a professional looking resume. You’re Wisconsin Job Center, school, library, or quick print shop can help.
· Do not include irrelevant personal information (age, weight, height, marital status, etc.).
· Do not include salary and wages.
· Center or justify all headings. Don’t use abbreviations.
· Use bullets with short sentences rather than lengthy paragraphs. Resumes are read quickly, therefore make key phrases stand out. Bulleting information will help the reader view your accomplishments.
· Use action words – words like prepared, managed, developed, championed, monitored, and presented will cause your resume to stand out.
· You should always use %’s, $’s and #’s. Dollar totals, numbers, and percentages stand out in the body of a resume.
· Above all in your resume and interview – you must be positive. Therefore, leave off negatives and irrelevant points. If you feel your graduation date will subject you to age discrimination, leave it off your resume. If you do some duties in your current job that don’t support your job search objective, don’t mention them.

Proofread thoroughly

* Use bullet points and indents to set off accomplishments or add emphasis.
* Electronic and Scanned resumes have a different set of guidelines, however it is still important to create a stunning resume you will mail or hand deliver to your contacts.

You can determine keywords by reviewing:

* Job descriptions from previous positions you have held
* Techniques that you use
* The Dictionary of Occupational Titles
* The Occupational Outlook Handbook
* Industry/Professional and Technical organizations
* Professional/Technical acronyms i.e., HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
* Buzzwords specific to a profession or industry
* Job postings or classified advertisements
* Local government job service agencies
* Recruiters job descriptions
* Associates who work in the same field
* What YOU should NEVER include in your resume
* Age
* False information
* Marital status
* Health
* Number of children and their ages
* Hob Photographs
* Race
* Religion
* Detailed description of non-relevant jobs
* Controversial information (i.e., political affiliation)
* Social Security number
* Anything Negative
* bies or dangerous activities (unless job-related)

Women Entrepreneurs

The ladder of success
Recently Indira Vishnampet , The CEO and founder of Hydus, Inc. (Houston) a solutions provider in enterprise integration and enterprises data management_ has been rewarded as the Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur for the year 2007 for her professional achievements.

Is she the only one who has brought laurels. What makes a woman a successful entrepreneur is not what we call family background or luck.

Shanaz Hussain is the famous woman entrepreneur who won India ‘s highest honor Padma Shree in the field of natural beauty and anti-ageing treatments but she accumulated all fame with the dint of her accepting new challenges, listening to her instincts to be innovative and enhancing her foresight and accomplishing her goals. She is the real entrepreneur.

Success came abruptly to housewife turn entrepreneur Mrs. Vibha Bahl , founder and Managing Director FUN FOODS, INDIA , who started her career as businesswoman by taking homemade flavored yoghurt to Diwali Mela and they ended up selling like hot cakes. And her journey of success started way back in 1984. Now she has over 200 people working under her in three factories and a range of 120 products to her credit.

Betsy Fein , the president of Clutterbuster , was once serving as human resource director, who after getting fired from her job decided to forget chasing the rat race; instead she thought to own something with more flexibility and more time for her kids, friends and family members and lo! She discovered her innate quality of home organizing which her town, her friends and family. The business which she started with a shoestring budget has now flourished and is a recognized industry leader.

They are not different. Difference lies in recognizing their existing potential.
This potential is an embodiment of self confidence , talent, versatility, realizing ones own empowerment, trusting your gut feeling, balance between professional and family life and above all is cultivating desire to produce par excellence mind body and soul.

Behind every success story there is some motivational factor. But being themselves motivators women Entrepreneurs are not handicapped to any man of body and soul rather they generate them with their sense of intuition, building strong relations and hierarchy with the spirituality.
Talking about statistical data it is found that raising a venture capital is not only men’s territory but it is surveyed that women led companies excelled by ten percent in different walks of business. Reason behind is their result orientation, focus on action and breaking shackles of restrictions and marching towards sustaining powerhouse of fund raising. Isn’t that sounding unusual?

If we give a peep to Diary Industry in India we find that credit for its being No.1 in milk production goes to women who have been the facilitators and promoters of this industry. There should be follow-up development programs for such women who are in a way small unrecognized entrepreneurs. Some of the organizations like CFTRI etc are trying to crystallize turning micro zone industries to national agenda. This sort of support definitely empower woman to remove the gender bias and kiss the feet of success as COMPLETE WOMAN. Besides the support of government they themselves are the motivators. Women Entrepreneurs are not handicapped to any man of body and soul rather they generate them with their sense of intuition, building strong relations and hierarchy with the spirituality.

Women as a matter of fact can be entrepreneurs if they pocket few value points, which can be their weaknesses actually. The demarcation between wining and loosing, personal failures shouldn’t be taken as defeats and mistakes which are inevitable in business and above all following the rule of first collecting, organizing. Developing, modifying, and ready to shoot and success is touching your feet can help the lead. Women entrepreneurs climb the ladder of success with the deep and intense faith in their potential, discovering their positives to turn into self love and self acceptance, not hesitant to be opportunist to make the chain of associates, capacity to take educated risks, be persistent in taking maximum gains from their efforts and empowering their vision beyond achieving goals .

How to recognize yourself as Entrepreneurs?

If you are result oriented, you are gifted with entrepreneurial powers.
If you are believer in action, you can be an entrepreneur.
If you have spontaneous and independent thinking you are blessed with entrepreneurial qualities.
If you can equate between business and family you are the one who can rule the world with entrepreneurial skills.
If you can nurture innate power and professional power within simultaneously you are an entrepreneur.
If you have the ability to catch up fast in this patriarchic society without hurting their chauvinism you are the real and successful entrepreneur.
If you are national as well as international business information savvy, you are the one. (Though formal knowledge is not obligatory but latest know how’s of technology is the boon).
If you are energetic, creative, and imaginative and have passion to do things in your own way you have the potential to be entrepreneur.
If you are opportunity realizer, idea facilitator and promoter you can find yourself finally landing into business.
If you have a notion that once you start your venture you have to serve to the world the same way as you serve YOUR FAMILY you are an entrepreneur.

Some secret steps to be successful entrepreneurs are:
Ø Set your goals
Ø Plan investment , resources and gains thereafter , beforehand only
Ø Stay in tune with people who can help to make you come in limelight
Ø Shoot the target and lo! Gains flow in.
Ø Review your plans
Ø Look for customer to buy your idea/product

Get rid of that insecurity demon

Overcome those fears of not having enough capital, lack of family support, lack of confidence and lack of right public and private institutions just listen to your soul’s voice the real you the real entrepreneur.

Some Motivational guidelines
Exposure and stimulation : travel all the distances to get exposed ,to people of power, to resources, to knowledge , to communication industry and whatever can help you .
Encourage Mentoring : be in the company of people with positive thinking coz they fill with enthusiasm and encouragement.
Create Support system : Internet, social circle and above all aim high to get quick and positive results
Learn to deal with failures : take failure as a challenge recollect all your flaws work upon and make them your strengths.
Don’t doubt your viability : don’t confront with your talented soul. Crave for unquenchable thirst of power and pelf and ways will automatically open up for you.
Open up all the avenues : realize your dreams and be generous to open up all the avenues to let profit flow in from all the directions.

So if you have a compelling idea and well thought of executing it .Be passionate about it, build the sources and sell your idea.
Yes, I can see a woman entrepreneur emerging.

 Sangeeta Chaudhary

Sangeeta Chaudhary

m.a eng, m.ed, german interpreter

Image taken on 2009-09-30 00:00:34. Image Source. (Used with permission)

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