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Nowadays, the most important weapon in order to get your dream job, is not your interview skills, but is your resume. Without a perfect resume, you can’t even step into the interview room to show your interview skills to impress your potential employer. The job searching campaign is actually very alike to a marketing campaign, in which you yourself as the product you want to sell to your potential employer, which acts as the buyer. Your resume will act as the salesman, to promote you to your employer. In order to make your potential employer to “buy” you (hire you for the job post), you need to make sure that your salesman (resume) has promote you well by telling each and every skill and experience you have, which is relevant to the job post.

Below are a few points I like to highlight, which is very important in writing resume.

1) Support your skills and experience: It is very important that you can show how good you are in certain skills to your potential employer. Instead of having a long list of all your skill sets (programming, accounting, managing people etc.); try to connect them with your working experience and real life. Show them examples of how you are able to use the skills you mention in your previous working environment, and the outcome of it. Try to backup all the skills you have by such experience, to support your statement, and hence to make your employer know more about you and your experience.

2) Scattered the right keywords in resume: Nowadays due to the large numbers of resumes received for every single job posted, most companies will adopt to digital database in storing job candidates resume for searching and referencing. Before every resume was read, the database software will filter out unrealistic and unsuitable resume. If your resume doesn’t contain any of those keywords, your resume won’t even have a chance to get read, which means you are out before the game starts. Keywords of each job post normally can be found easily in the job description on every job post.

3) <!–[endif]–>Order of your skills according to importance: Put the most important/relevant skills first, and remember to elaborate more on that particular skill in your resume. For example, if you are writing in for a software programmer job, do put your programming skills first and elaborate more on what type of programming language you know best, and list out all the application you have developed. This is because your employer only interested in are you capable to finish the task they assigned to you, and as a software developer you have to be familiar/expert in programming language.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>4) Resume format and font: As normally resume doesn’t exceed 2 pages, to include more skills and points some people tends to make their fonts smaller, to limit their resume into 2 pages. This will only makes your resume unreadable, and the only destination of your resume is in the dustbin. Your resume must be simple and straight forward, as HR will be spending 30 seconds to read through it. The best font size of resume will be 11 to 12; please do not use capital letters extensively.

Please to keep in mind that your resume is the only path to get a job interview and hence to get your dream job, please do pay effort in writing an attracting and interesting resume to catch the eye of your potential employer..For more information on how to write a perfect resume, please visit my website on the correct way of writing resume.

I am Javier Hiltz, an HR Consulting in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). Your resume is your first and maybe only chance to make a good impression on your potential new employer. Please do read all my lens for information on how to write a perfect resume which 100% will attract employers to read.

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