Can you collect unemployment or welfare in California if you quit your job because of an argument?

My neighbor’s son, 45, QUIT his job after getting into a shouting/shoving match with a co-worker. Can he collect unemployment? Many, many years ago you could collect unemployment in California if you quit a job, however there was a longer waiting period before the money would start being paid out. He has worked all his life and has paid into this fund.

He has not worked for a year. Can he collect welfare?

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4 Responses to “Can you collect unemployment or welfare in California if you quit your job because of an argument?”

  1. Pip says:

    A 45 year old man can not collect welfare because he is lazy and has a bad temper

    Also – you can not, in the majority of cases, collect unemployment for quitting a job.

    His quitting was self imposed because he chose to fight with someone.

    He could have been the bigger person at taken up his disagreement with the proper people instead of “shouting and shoving”.

  2. hotwheels122287 says:

    no he cant.

  3. Anna K. P says:

    Although specific eligibility requirements vary from state to state, most states have the same basic standards for collecting unemployment benefits. They include:

    -You must be unemployed or working less than full time
    -You must meet certain income requirements
    -You must be ready, willing, and able to work
    -You must have involuntarily left your job

    In general, you won’t be eligible for benefits if:

    -You quit your job simply because you didn’t like it
    -You’re fired for committing a crime (e.g., stealing)
    -You’ve never worked before

  4. benminer says:

    Based upon the information you have provided, I would say he is disqualified from collecting. However there may be things that you are not aware of, for example if he was being harassed at work and his employer did nothing to stop it. This MAY enable him to collect benefits depending on the circumstances. He should file and provide truthful information and see where that goes. There is no penalty for applying for benefits and being denied so long as the person did not attempt fraud.