how do i write a resume without job experience? help asap.?

im 16 soon to be 17 in two months, i haven’t got my first job yet or did any volunteer work and haven’t play sports yet. all i did is join clubs and did fundraising for clubs, does that count? if so, how do i write this on my resume. by the way, if i join clubs in my previous year of high school, do i also include that in my resume? tomorrow is my job interview at target!! im not even prepare yet, im kind of nervous.

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5 Responses to “how do i write a resume without job experience? help asap.?”

  1. elainebennis says:

    i dont think you need a resume for target however mentally make a list of all things you have done and provide a reference if asked.like i babysat for blah blah and my responsibilities were as follows and i could provide their name and number if need be.or if you volunteered somewhere or tutored someone in school etc.you’ll be fine,just be friendly and thats probably what they are looking for.they don’t expect a 17 yo to have work experience really.dress nicely and take out any strange piercings (if you have any)because that will count .first impressions last.

  2. rosanna_03 says:

    Put in your school experience and the awards or achievements from highschool and/or college. Extra activities such as a volunteer forthe community and stuff is good too!

  3. chichaichong says:

    i had the same problem except the only thing i did was play volleyball. definately put in you resume that you have participated in clubs and fundraising would show your employer that you are fit for a job. i also got a recommendation from my volleyball coach who knew me pretty well and gave it to my employer along with the resume. so if you have someone other than family that knows you well enough to get a recommendation from them then go for it. target is probably an easy place to get a job at. i got a job at tjmaxx pretty easily but i think they were a little desperate.

  4. princess P says:

    good as anyones elses. its a piece of paper and u still have the first impression as dress nice act nice smile act like very interested and if they buy than u sold yourself again.unless ofcourse need a specific cresential such as proof of education degree. that stuff u dont lie. just your own vocabulary detailing whatever comes to mind. and even ask goofy questions just to see how fast you respond like if you could be an animal which one would u pick and why. I respoind quick like a tiger so i can take charge that can be impressive but if sit there blank than that one question could make u lose the possiblity of having job because u didnt think of an animal and tell them u wanted to say mouse so u can hide in the corner or help hold up the walls, but ask that because if can answer quick than probaly can for another and if hiring they want a good communicator to support their reputation or add to it and can rely on for quick calls questions by complaining customers to send them away with hope instead of more complaints.

  5. alfardie says:

    Ok, lets get straight to the point. What do you think makes the difference between a job seeker being notified to make space in the diary for the interview and that same job seeker receiving a letter that says, “Thanks, but no thanks”?

    Nobody want to receive the letter “we will keep your resume on file should any further vacancies become available”. Which in essence is the thanks but no thanks reply.

    The most important factor in applying for that new job is the resume and of course the accompanying cover letter (by the way the covering letter is sometimes more important than the resume itself and can get you a jump on the opposition – find out how by clicking here). Without these documents your attempt to land that all important job is almost impossible.