Healthcare Employment Opportunities in the US

Reputable and reliable healthcare staffing agencies in the US help highly qualified professionals in medical fields including physical therapists, occupational therapist, speech language pathologists, nurses, pharmacists and technicians to get employed in the US healthcare industry. As these staffing agencies maintain cordial relations and contacts with the various medical facilities, they are well-informed about the job openings available.

Secure Healthcare Jobs at Preferred Settings

Healthcare employment opportunities exist in the US for both domestic and foreign-trained professionals. To provide the job seekers with sufficient information about the available employment opportunities, the medical staffing agencies maintain online databases, which are regularly updated with current requirements. Based on their professional qualifications and experience, the candidates can easily get the job they want in the location of their choice.

Suitably qualified and experienced candidates can obtain temporary, permanent, full-time, part-time, short-term or long-term employment in reputed healthcare settings and other organizations. These include rehabilitation centers, hospitals, physicians’ offices, long-term care clinics, acute care clinics, home healthcare agencies, nursing centers, outpatient clinics, government agencies, educational institutions and so on.

High Remuneration and Other Benefits

Professionals who are placed through healthcare staffing agencies can enjoy high remuneration and other benefits including:

• Paid housing
• Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
• 401(k) retirement savings plan
• Short term disability insurance
• Additional state license
• Medical insurance
• Travel allowance and bonuses
• Professional liability insurance
• Continuing education program
• Immigration processing assistance (for professionals trained abroad)
• Cancer insurance

Approach Reputable Healthcare Staffing Agencies

Candidates seeking healthcare jobs with top medial facilities in the US can register with reputable staffing service providers. The candidates can access their job database at any time and also can submit their resumes online.

Healthcare Employment – TheraKare, a full-service healthcare staffing agency in the U.S, provides complete support for those seeking physical therapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs, and speech pathology jobs.

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