Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis

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Product Description

Multiple sclerosis’s wide-ranging effects on physical, psychological, and social abilities often impact employment. In fact, many patients find it difficult to maintain their job as the disease progresses. This helpful, accessible guide covers every important aspect of MS in the workplace, including vocational rehab, job placement, and employment laws. New and revised chapters detail employee rights concerning medical leave, health insurance portability and accountability, SSDI and the ADA, and research and services. There is also updated information on policy and programming, as well as research recommendations to improve the rate of labor force participation of people with MS.

Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis

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2 Responses to “Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis”

  1. phillip rumrill published the first edition in ’96. this is, overall, a pretty helpful book. it discussed ms, unemployment, vocational assessment, job placement and retention, the ADA, tax benefits, as well as recommendations for policy and research. each chapter provides a very good, although brief and not very thorough, summary of each topic. while ADA originally was designed to be of benefit, case law has really taken a bite out of that legislation’s actual helpfulness. the text seems like it straddles between a really practical book for those with ms and the scholarly. it is easy to read, clearly written, providing some helpful information that usually cites sources. i found most helpful the appendices on disability contacts and assistance technology assistance programs. i wish that it would have included chapters on adjustment and coping issues in the workplace, legal sources beyond ada, transportation to and from work, workplace health insurance and benefits issues that the person with ms specifically faces, dealing with prejudice and harassment and discrimination … overall, it is a pretty good book, probably the most helpful book on the topic, the most accessible, not the most comprehensive. it is certainly worth the read, especially if you can borrow it from the library or the current edition is purchased used, maybe even new.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. SLG says:

    Very pertinent and offers specific ideas that will assist an indivividual in just about any employment situation or stuggle you might find yourself in.
    Rating: 4 / 5