How to Write a Great Resume : Highlighting Accomplishments on Resumes

Resume should highlight your achievements, and our expert is here to show you how to best display your accomplishments in this free job hunting video. Expert: Tine Buechler Bio: Tine Buechler obtained her BA in adult education from Brock University in St Catherines, ON. She also graduated with a BA in sociology from the University of Western in London, ON. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk
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14 Responses to “How to Write a Great Resume : Highlighting Accomplishments on Resumes”

  1. vuzilla1 says:

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  2. 111steven says:

    this was nearly useless… that’s why i ended up just paying someone… actually the real reason is that i was lazy, they had a promotion, and the company i work for used them for rebranding… i got 3 customized and awesome resumes for $98…bitches…… this information was… average at best

  3. lordjamito007 says:


  4. Lyricistmc says:

    @deezzer nah, what is it? sounds interesting.

  5. anynickwilldofine says:

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  6. Dakamum says:

    stupid expervillage.

  7. pgthinker007 says:

    You are right. I just want to tell you that there is no perfect resume. Employers have lost their minds. They do not realize that people are more important than resume. That’s why quality of goods and services are falling apart. Additionally, companies forcing you to lie. I never lied and I have been looking for a job +14 years. What kind of life is that?

  8. SuperXrunner says:

    @garyowen4ever , did your wife, mother, niece, daughter, or sister do that? And if they did, they aren’t all women, so don’t generalize-because you had some self defeat on the job.

  9. SuperXrunner says:

    @xaethyr , Totally agree. I think sometimes resumes only make applying for jobs harder and if employers focus on just that. They might miss out on quality people who hadn’t been given the chance before for possible liars.

  10. deezzer says:

    Nice. Everyone’s always worried about the objective. Probably cause MS Word has those standard templates, and people are limited in their Resume layout to those offered. But beware, heard of the Resume Race Theory?

  11. xaethyr says:

    So, what about the person seeking work that’s never really accomplished anything while on previous jobs? Is there something he could put down about being mediocre? That would then defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? You can’t very well lie about accomplishments. No employer wants to hire a liar. So, what do ya do?

  12. Sir0wnzAl0t says:

    thanks bro

  13. garyowen4ever says:

    hardball adivice for babes that gotta get the job or be homeless……women know when to PUT OUT when it counts,,,,and you will always have a solid gold chip in the game, a get out of trouble free card, a marker to call in when you need to,,,,,,sleeping your way to success is an old idea whose time always comes up during real hard times,,,,,but NO ONE DANCES WITHOUT PAYING THE PIPER,,,,,if you get my drift,,,and you dear lady are the piper.

  14. wow4411 says:

    You are right, I wish you and your students
    a great success.