How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs

One of the best things about being a writer is the fact that you can hold a permanent job and still write on the side. That is the good thing in having a creative profession. You can do sidelines and freelancing jobs while still being salaried regularly. In fact, many writers in magazines and newspapers accept writing and editing jobs on the side while others who can afford not to have a permanent job will settle in with freelance jobs.

Actually, there are some freelancing jobs that can pay a lot and can even exceed a person’s monthly pay. Permanent writing jobs however provide the security. You wouldn’t want to wake up one morning without money to pay for the rent, right?

Freelance writing jobs are a dime a dozen especially with the advent of Internet. Writers are frequently commissioned to do online content to keep websites updated and informative. Still, one needs to know where to look and how to look if you want to get regular assignments. Below are some tips in getting freelance writing jobs

Go online.

There are a number of writing jobs that one can find in the internet and what is more, these freelance jobs can be accomplished at home. Some do not even require you to pass the articles in person. Because of the great convenience that the internet provides, telecommuting is already possible.

This means that you don’t have to physically go to work. You can just submit your works online. Payments for these kinds of jobs are often deposited through bank transfers. You can find freelance work listings in websites that feature freelance works. Some jobsites also have listings of these kinds of assignments.

Establish a network

Being a writer, you have to establish a network of people who will later on recommend you for jobs and writing assignments. PR professionals for instance look for writers who can do assignments for them. The same goes with owners of companies that advertise over the internet or those who maintain websites which you can write for. Editors of magazines and newspapers are also often in the lookout for writers in publications.

There are a lot of people who are looking for part-time or freelance writers and the bigger your network is, the more people you can associate with who can help you.

Ask for a referral or a recommendation

The first step in asking for a referral is to do a damn good job that people will want to refer you to another. Although writing is big business, the industry is actually pretty small. Chances are your boss in one project will also know someone who is doing a similar project. Ask for a recommendation to another person who is in need of a writer or better yet ask them if they know someone who might be looking for a freelance writer. This is one way to get assignments.

Write well

The key to having a great freelancing career is to take care of your reputation not only in terms of your writing but also in the way you deal with people. For instance, you can write so well but if you are always late in passing your assignments, no person would want to deal with you. Remember that writing involves deadlines and you have to keep up with it if you want to really stay in the industry.

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