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This book was written to those people who are in a leading position but have not been there for a long time. The book is dealing with the way of thinking of a worker and gives advice and acting methods for those who want to change their unsuccessful leading methods.

This book will reveal step by step the way of the workers thinking, his mentality and aims. The edition is universal and can be used for all kinds of business building.

About the employee

The ideal employee

What is the ideal employee like?

- He is not late in the morning

-He does not have breakfast

-He starts work without a word

-He does his tasks without a mistake

-He does not have lunch

-He is not tired in the afternoon

-He does not chat

-He does not argue with his boss

-He works overtime without asking

Does an employee like this exist? Of course, but it is a programmed robot for producing. But now we want to talk about the workers who are from flesh and blood.

The ideal employee does not exist. We can divide them into two main groups: the contented and discontented employee. The contented employee is the motivated employee, the discontented is the opposite. Only the motivated employee is able to leave his home, he does not take his task home, so he can start the new workday relaxed. Unfortunately nowdays there are more discontented than contented employees, but this is going to change by you!

Here, at the beginning we have to meet some types of workers, because in the future you will need it in order to recognize your own workers, to give them their duties and to classify them.

Let’ s see what kinds of workers do we know…

Employee types

For both main groups the same subtypes of workers can be added:

The arguing one

He cannot stand that there is someone who is smarter than him at the company, he has an explanation for everything, he wants to take place in everything, he hardly bears criticism.

The silent one

He seldom communicates with his fellows, he is drawn back, he eats his breakfast alone, often muses.

The clown

He likes to criticise others, often tells jokes, but he is not very productive, despite very popular.

The favourite

He tries to please his boss, he is very deligent, but he is not poular among his fellows.

The lazy

The opposite of the productive one. If he gets a pay decrease, it does not make him work. He is constantly under the threat of getting a notice, he draws himself from one month to another. He is the type of a negative worker’ s personality. We will talk about this type later as well.

The surviver

He can handle everything, he is a kind of jack-of-all-trades, he can repair everything, Unfortunately he makes no extra productivity.

The deligent

This type is productive, he seems to be motivated, communicates with the others, he is very popular, but does not deal with it. When he is awarded he gets confused.He is the positive type of worker. We will mention him later.

The career wanting

He is an employee with his own plan, who is a mixture of a favourite, survivor and deligent. This type of a worker quickly climbs on a rung of a ladder and usually proves to be the employer’s favourite.

Of course, we could range them on pages, but the important thing is, that all the types of workers are mentioned here, that can be found at any firm. These types can be motivated in groups or not.

Our task is not to change the employee types, but to accept all of them and to make them productive by motivating technics.

A little psychology

Every man has is sentiment, he is a thinking being, therefore every worker expects to be treated as a human, to avoid humiliation and rebuking in public. These facts will not motivate, on the contrary, give a negative effect not only to the person involved, but to the firm as well.

Because of that it was important to get to know the employee types in order to recognize them clearly. Later this will lead to the fact that in the future you can handle them successfully .

And one more thing: the rude and loud boss who keeps his employees in check is not a successful boss!

What is motivation?

Motivation means causing someone’ s mind stimulated by the means of material or mental things.

To make it a bit clearer: the first material means is the worker’s wage, which represents his most important motivation, and it is known by all the employers! But this is not enough for working totally motivated in order to reach top productivity. In the following passages you will learn about some other material and strong spiritual motivation means. Are you ready? Then let’ s start..

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