Cover Letter: What Makes A Great Example?

When you are just applying for a position in a company, the first thing you do is submit your resume. In this process, your goal is to get hired right? This is where you’re wrong. Your first goal should be getting as far as the job interview. Companies tend to have hundreds of applicants in one position and the employers or the human resources department will not want to interview these hundreds of applicants. Therefore, they just sort through the resumes and pick out the best people who are qualified to do the job. And, even though most of the applicants are equally qualified for the job, only a select few are noticed and called for the final interview.

Firstly, good resumes are scrapped and thrown in the office recycle bin just because it didn’t catch the attention of the recruiter or the employer. So, how will you be able to make your resume stand out and get considered for that final interview? The answer to this question is through a cover letter. A resume cover letter in particular is some sort of formal introduction of the applicant (in this case, you) to the company or to the employer. Always remember that the company does not know you at all and does not care for you as well as the hundreds of other applicants. With a cover letter, you will be able to make yourself stand out and it is a chance for you to tell the employer why you are better than the other hundreds of applicants lining up for the job.

A cover letter is also a tool for showing off your communication skills. This is why you have to make sure that you write a perfect cover letter that will show off how good you are and tell the employer indirectly why you will be an asset to their company.

A good cover letter should provide an introduction, highlights of your achievements in your previous work, and a thank you and follow up note. As simple as it may seem, these three things are the exact things you need to make a perfect and professional looking cover letter.

First of all, the first paragraph should be the introduction. Try to make it as simple as you can just like how you would introduce yourself to another person. Don’t make the introduction so elaborate and complex that it may sound like an introduction of a ring announcer in a boxing match.

The next paragraph should contain highlights of your achievements and your previous work experiences. This is where you tell the employer indirectly on why you will be an asset to their company. It is important to point out previous work experiences that are related to the position you are applying for in the company. For example, if you are applying for a position in the IT department, try to point out that you already have work experience in this field in your past jobs (if you have one). Besides, if you are applying for a position in the IT department, you don’t want to mention how well you cooked burgers and fries on a fast food restaurant. It is irrelevant and it is very unattractive in a cover letter. Again, try to make it as simple as you can but very relevant.

Next, the third paragraph is where you thank the employer for the time he or she took in reading your resume and the letter. Try to include your contact details, such as your phone number, and your email address in case the employer wants to contact you and invite you for an interview.

These are the things that make a good cover letter example. Just remember to proof read both your resume and the cover letter to avoid submitting one with grammatical errors and typos.

Mario Churchill is the President of CareerJimmy and author of “Amazing Cover Letter Creator.” Visit him at: http://www.amazing-cover-letters.com for your “instant” cover letters today.

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