Why Resume Builders are not for You Mark Wells, Ph. D

You probably think that using resume builders, which are now slowly going in-demand for jobseekers, can substitute the service of professional resume writer. My dear jobseekers, you are wrong.
Resume builder, as its name suggest, is simply a resume builder – something that will build a resume for you. Take note, these resume builders are created (programmed) to merely build resumes, not to produce powerful job marketing tool.
A number of professional resume writers do not suggest using resume builder. Why? Let me count the ways.
1.    Resume Builders Favor The Employer, Not You
Many automated resume builders offered in the internet today do well to the recruiting side of the employment industry, not the job-seeking industry. It means they are created for the benefit of companies, not for your benefit. The designs of these software, try to standardize data so that hiring managers will have the efficiency they need.
As we may see, resume builders offer inclusion of minimum amount of information from the job seekers – contact information, education, last jobs etc. This software may not provide a good space for you to include some of your humanizing experience like volunteer work, honors and awards which hiring managers consider as essentials in looking for the best candidate to fill the job.

2.    Possibility of Similarity
There is a big possibility that your resume won’t be as unique as you wanted it to be. Because resume builders are designed to provide a “cut-and-paste technology” , meaning it only contains limited phrases and keywords to be used by the jobseekers. Most likely, someone (or even hundreds) had already chosen the same phrases and keywords that you chose.
As a general rule, hiring managers will not choose to interview candidates that have the same resume. Also, if employers see two similar documents they might think that you have cheated and just copied from somewhere the content of your resume.

3.    Time is Gold
Everybody understands that time is very important for a job seeker like you. There will be no time to spare doing things that are not directly connected in your job hunt. If you think resume builders will save you time, think again.
If you use a free automated or purchase a resume building software, you must allot some time to study some things which are essential for you to create a resume using the software. You need to read and understand instructions, search the button to click in order to add data, learn how to rearrange the information you have just entered, erase wrong information etc. In summary, you need time to familiarize a lot of things to use resume builders comfortably, time that you may actually use to help you get that dream job.

To conclude, many will still advise that hiring a resume writer is still a better choice rather than using a resume builder. Aside from the fact that you will have a personalized and customized resume, you are also assured that no one has the same resume that you have plus you save a lot time and energy that you may use in securing yourself a better career and a higher paycheck.

Dr. Mark Wells is a world renowned career specialist and professional resume writer with more than 10 years of broad experience in writing resumes and career marketing tools. He completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree in English from Harvard University. At present, Dr. Wells is the Executive Editor and Head of the Writing Department of www.ResumeActiveWriters.com.

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