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As 2007’s crop of college graduates find work or decide to further their education, it leaves one question open for debate: How hard will it be to find a job this fall? According to industry experts and the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the average American holds nine jobs between the ages of 18 and 34, when compared to Baby Boomers who held around 10. This indicates a huge shift in the attitudes of younger employees in their job search process.

To begin with, more employees are bouncing among different jobs, trying out several career paths and bettering their skills in diverse industries. Who wants a blank resume when they can decorate it with five work experiences, all teaching them new things and requiring different responsibilities? For this reason alone, the job market should see improvement, as employees are more open to change, leaving room for prospectives to take their place when they leave.

Many Baby Boomers and their counterparts are coming close to the age of retirement, if they haven’t given in their two-weeks yet already. This leaves the younger labor force with even more of a chance to excel where their elders passed the torch. Education, health and business services are expected to see the most growth in employment opportunity, according to government statistics.

With promising job market statistics in effect, a beneficial way to land these careers is through job search engines. Technologically-driven graduates are using mega-job search sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder to sift out potential career possibilities that match their skills and interests.

6StarReviews.com reports that Monster even gives job-seekers the benefit of using online networking tools, mobile phone job updates, resume uploads and virtual career advice. In this day and age, complete career resources are available via the Internet. When combined with a new wave of job openings, workers and recent grads are sure to reap the benefits.

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