One of the biggest complaints in the customer service industry, is the lack of real people. When a person calls into a company for customer service, they are generally met with pre-recorded text asking them to press number key prompts or say keywords in order to navigate through the menu. While this system is easy, sometimes all one wants to do is talk to a person. With that in mind, why would one used a standard sample customer service cover letter when applying for a job? The correlation between people’s frustration with automated systems and the traditional, boring cover letter are one in the same. The personality of the applicant is no more displayed than that of the computer voice on the other end of the phone.

Being in customer service is all about figuring out a customer’s needs and meeting those needs in the best possible way. Applying for a customer service job has the exact same process. An applicant has to assess what a company is looking for, and then write a cover letter which expresses why they are the person to help fill the void or provide benefits to the company. A customer service cover letter has to clearly state to the customer, or hiring manager in this instance, why one is perfect for the job at hand. The point is to demonstrate the skills an employer is looking for instead of just restating the same facts which are laid out in a resume. If one is a charming people person who loves to engage customers and have them walk away smiling, make sure that characteristic is shown in the cover letter. If one has the skills of mediation and problem solving, ensure to include details of that ability.

The key factor is to do the work, and make the commitment, to make the customer service cover letter jump out at the hiring manager. One’s personality should be as clear in the cover letter as their skills in their resume. It can even be a good idea to include personal information in a cover letter. For example, discussing how one became interested in customer service or how they handled one of the more difficult customer service related instances in their career. These types of questions are always asked in a customer service interview, so why not use the anecdotes in the cover letter and kill two birds with one stone?

A cover letter is used to help a hiring manager weed out any candidates which may not take their job seriously. If a hiring manager sees the same old cover letter day in and day out, without any effort put into it all, what is that saying about the people behind the job? The most surefire way to land an interview is to create a cover letter which expressed personality, sense of humor, enthusiasm, and clear communication. Once all those elements are added, don’t forget to come straight our and ask for an interview. Yes, that is correct, ask for an interview.

Asking for an interview shows confidence and determination. It is no longer a thing of consequence. Also, be sure the cover letter includes a follow-up statement. Let the hiring manager know to expect a call later on in the week to ensure one’s application was received. It also demonstrates a positive quality to the employer, that one is a self-starter and is enthused to begin a career in customer service!

Another good tip is to do some research on the company before applying. Find out the name of the hiring manager so that one can address their cover letter directly to this person. A generic “Dear Sir/Madam” is just as boring as any standard cover letter. By taking this extra step, the cover letter is going to stand out even more from the rest and ensure the one is remembered when it comes time for interviews. It will also create a sense of connection with the employer that will make it easier for them to feel comfortable and open up during the hiring process. Everyone wants an enjoyable working environment, and if a cover letter conveys the personality type of a warm, friendly person then that personal already has a rooting team.

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