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An accountant is viewed by the population to be a boring, tedious career. However, the cover letter used to get that career should not be. Just like any other cover letter, an accountant’s should be clear, concise, and grab attention. However, there are some very important differences between an accountant cover letter and one written by other career applicants.

The first step in the resume review process, for most companies, is to have the human resource department review all applicant submissions and then hand the ones who qualify off to the hiring manager. This means that an account cover letter needs to expand on specifics of the job. In order to find out which specifics one needs to include, they should review the job application or put in a call to the company in order to research the needs. However, do not make a cover letter which is a factual list of qualifications. That is for the resume.

Since the cover letter is reviewed by the human resource department, they are generally given a list of qualifications an applicant should have, since they are not overtly familiar with the accountant field. If one’s accountant cover letter does not state these qualifications, or uses a generalization of the qualifications, it is likely that it will be overlooked. Using bullet points in an accountant cover letter, or a table for organizing information, can be an effective way to ensure the specific skills one needs to emphasis are noticed.

Once one’s cover letter and resume make it out of the hands then the chance of receiving an interview is already well in hand. There are just a few other elements when an accountant’s cover letter need to possess which will seal the deal. An accountant cover letter should contain effective word choices to convey enthusiasm and proficient communication skills to the hiring manager. While being an account is mostly about numbers, it is also about interaction with others and a desire to do well in the position. As stated, an accountant is seen as tedious and a hiring manager wants to ensure that the applicant they choose will be readily available and want to excel.

Also, an accountant cover letter should ask for an interview, just like any other cover letter. Asking for an interview is an essential element. This demonstrates confidence and security to the hiring manager, and makes them immediately know whether or not they would be interested in meeting the job-seeker. An accountant cover letter should, also, state why their skills will be beneficial to the company. What is about the accountant which makes them different from the other hundred of applicants? An accountant cover letter should house elements of personality, and know-how, as well as technical jargon which will get a hiring manager’s attention.

An accountant’s cover letter, just like any other cover letter, should not be generic. One should not get their cover letter from a template, or download a sample from the internet. This is especially important concerning an accountant’s cover letter because there is a need for more specific information. A sample cover letter cannot truly define an accountant’s skills and abilities. In the world of accounting, there is not as much generality as much people think. A company has a particular area which they need their accountant to excel, so in order for this to come across properly an accountant’s cover letter needs to ensure they list these things.

Another element that all cover letters should have, including an accountant’s, is a first sentence that compels the reader to continue. Without this first sentence an accountant’s cover letter may be skimmed by the human resource department, and perhaps even have the qualities picked out that are needed to send the application to the hiring manager, but it is unlikely to go any further than that. A hiring manager wants to, and needs to, find a job-seeker who fits in with the company atmosphere and will bring a great deal to the table. If an accountant’s cover letter does not get their attention after the first line or two, then it will be cast aside into the trash pile.

So remember these tips when writing an accountant cover letter and the results should be fruitful.

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