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Check your references: Job Search & Job Interview tip Peggy mckee (the medical sales recruiter) tells you to check your own references if you are unsure about them, and to prep them about you so they represent you well when the hiring manager or the recruiter calls them. Medical, healthcare and laboratory sales managers expect glowing, informative references that make it easy to hire you! Good Luck. Go to for my job search tools. If you are selling in the medical environment, send your resume to Good Luck!
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4 Responses to “Check your references: Job Search & Job Interview tip”

  1. cdownsd says:

    I don’t get it. How do I give a reference of a job I left in the past or job I currently hold without jeopardizing my career if I’m not selected for the new job? This seems really unreasonable. My clients would flip out if word got out I was leaving. And what sales mgr has ever said, “wow your leaving us, let me write you a reference.” Many of them are egotitical and once you leave the company you’re out of the family.

  2. assman255 says:

    u want to break the law, ur suppost to just ask job title, duties, and verify dates. not dig around for what a vindictive ex-employer may say about a person on a personal level

  3. MedSalesRecruiter says:

    A. – If I were a candidate with a reference that I am uncertain of (in terms of how positive they would be about me), I would not leave it up to chance how they really performed in the reference check. As a recruiter, I always give my full contact information – completely transparent.

  4. canadianheadhunter says:

    I don’t agree w false ref checks. Tho you could probably get away with it. I always send the references contact info so they know who’ve they’ve been speaking to but of course they give me the reference before they receive it.

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