Business Letter,,,(Cover Letter)?

For my english class we are supposed to write a business letter to a company, and I was going to write a Job Inquiary to a company and I was wondering if there are any good templates anywhere. I dont have Microsoft Office or anything.
Thanks. :)
Any Samples too.

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What do college newspapers look for in a job applicant?

I am a Freshman at my university and I really want to land a job on my school’s newspaper. I already typed up a very professional looking resume stating my previous jobs and extracurriculars.

Then they say that they want to see a sample of your work. I would be happy doing any job, but I am specifically applying for a Graphic Designer or Photographer position. Should I put together a portfolio of my photographs and work in graphic design? I’m good at both, but I don’t want to…


Job question: no call after strong verbal interest?

I met with someone about some volunteer work I am doing. They asked me about my background (work, education). I told them. They asked me for work samples and resume b/c they had a project that they thought I could help on. I sent everything. During the meeting about the volunteer work and via an email they expressed strong interest in hiring me to do some contractrual work. Told me all about the project, etc. Since that initial meeting and one email, I rec’d nothing. I have emailed to check…


I need a 2nd job perhaps in retail, but it’s hard! I need resume help?!?

Summary of Qualifications:

Delivery of superior customer service and support. Provided optimal assistance while solidifying the client experience resulting in referrals. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, also bilingual in English and Spanish. Experienced with Microsoft Office, can type 50 words per minute and knowledgeable with 10 key. Ability to work well with all levels of management and staff. Work well under extreme pressure with minimal supervision. Outstanding personal dynamics: friendly, determined, and loyal. If given the opportunity will give 110% towards becoming part of a team and becoming an asset…


Good site for resume samples/templates?

I’m applying for a lot of jobs at law firms and in the legal field, my resume isn’t great, so I’m wondering if there are any good sites I can copy a resume format from that will really make my resume stick out

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Resume for a college freshman?

I’m going to be a freshman in college and i need to put together a resume so i can start looking for part-time jobs. The problem is a really don’t have a lot of work experience (i’ve only had one job) and i’m not sure what to include on a resume. Most of the samples i have looked out seem to be geared for people with ample job experience or education.

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I’m a college student applying for a job at my university, where can I download an appropriate resume template?

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Best Phrases to use in Cover Letters.?

If you have not applied for a job for a while, if you have been unemployed for a while, what kinds of things do you say in cover letters that do not highlight these facts? What sites offer free help in creating cover letters besides Microsoft templates.

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I want to make a personal web page with my resume? Is that a good idea?

I’m not planning on giving information such as my address or phone number. I just want highlight my experiences and publish stuff I’ve done so that I can show possible employers a sample of my work. I’ve seen that some job sites like Monster allow you to reference a web page if you have one. I did not see however that you could show any work sample, so I thought of doing this web page, and then just link it if the option was available. I’m a little concerned about…


what does “pp.” stand for in this job announcement?

I was forwarded a job announcement from the largest national Hispanic non-profit civil rights and advocacy organization in the U.S. The application procedures say the following: “mail, fax, or email cover letter, resume, and writing sample (2 pp.) to…”

What does “pp.” mean, and what is a suitable writing sample to send them? I am a student that is still in college, and so most of my writing samples are term papers, etc. I have written for a local newspaper – a piece that highlighted the service of two local…


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