Job Portfolio Question?

I know that a portfolio should ideally be between 7-10 pages, 12 at the maximum.

The job I am interviewing for tomorrow (and REALLY wanting to get) is a job that is based in communications. I would be in charge of newsletters, promotion material, white papers, etc. They asked me to bring in writing samples.

Right now my portfolio is composed of this:
1) Resume
2) References
3) Brochure I created in internship
4) Mock sponsorship request letter
5-7) Mock event profile


Job Applicant Introductory Letter?

I am applying for an internship at a local newspaper and have my resume and writing samples set, but I don’t know what an introductory letter is or how to write one. If anyone has any advice on creating one and knows what should and should not go into it, please let me know. Examples would be great as well.

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what are 10 good interview questions?

well you see i got to write an essay about my “dream job” get 10 good interview questions, write a sample resume, and write about what job i could use that sample resume for…

and all i need is 10 interview questions.. but I’m only 16.. since 5 days ago

and I have never really been interviewed, so i decided hey why not get some help online! :D

so again thank you, if you can not list 10 don’t worry 1 or 2 is more then enough from 1 person…


I need to make a good resume.?

I want to get a job at verizon but i want to make my resume look really good. is there a website i can go to to make one or if there are any samples i can use. what words should i also use. I am in desperate need to get this job, Please help.

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Good resume template that can highlight the fact that I’m a triple major?

I’ll be a senior in the Fall, and I’ll be graduating in the spring with a triple major, and two minors. I have also been very heavily involved on campus in student organization/greek life, as well as maintained a job throughout my college experience. So, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good resume template that could highlight these well. A lot of the ones I’ve seen don’t seem very oriented towards this sort of thing. Thanks for you help!
I guess I should also mention that this…


hey, Im apply for a job..and need some help?

whilst following a cover letter template I came across a part which said ‘person’s name’- i know they mean the employers name,however, i don’t know it….All i know is the company name.

Am i suppose to do a little investigating first to find who it is?…or..do i not fill in that part?…because it also says a little further down…’dear___’… if i don’t have his/ her name than what do i say?

please help :D
Thank you for that..if i was lvl2 than i would thumbs up you…


first time resume help, please?

This is my first attempt ever to apply for a job and I’m planning on applying as a cashier at Apple. I’m 17 and Apple requires a resume.

I looked at some samples on Google but they didn’t help me much. So I was wondering if you guys can give me some ideas to write a good first resume. Help please?

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Totally frustrated!! What should I do? When you send a “writing sample . . .”?

When applying for a job, to, say, write articles or blogs for a web publication and they ask for “writing samples” along with your resume, what should I send them? Only samples that have been published? Can I send unpublished samples? If I do send a short story should I only send the first few paragraphs or the whole thing? I don’t think MySpace blogs are appropriate to send, but members of my family have been arguing with me that I should send MySpace blogs, as well as completed assignments,…


Resume Tips: Fatal Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Oprah’s job search expert reveals a key resume mistake that turns employers off. Learn how to make your resume appeal to employers. Robin Ryan has spent the last 25 years helping career counseling clients just like you land a new, better paying job. She has written over 5000 resumes. Robin Ryan is the bestselling author of 60 Seconds + You’re Hired Robin Ryan is the bestselling author of 60 Seconds + You’re Hired, Winning Resumes, Soaring on Your Strengths, and Over 40 &…


Resume help opinion how does it look?

Hi Im currently looking for a job and would like some comments on my resume.

Julio S Irizarry Ortiz
Hc 02 Box 8147 Guayanilla P.R. 00656
Phone 787-835-4129 Cell 787-237-5375

Safety Inspector (OSHA)

Employment History:

Sample Collector
2009- Present Part Time
Westat Inc.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies of population.
Collect antibodies sample from people.
Investigate bacteria contamination in the sea.

Time Keeper
2007 – 2008 Demaco Corporation

Monitored repairs of electrical turbines.
Installation of expansion joints for…


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