Is there an 8AM-5PM job/career that pays more than $15/hour for someone with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology?

Hello everyone. My wife graduated with honors to achieve her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Since she graduated, she has been working crazy long hours, making only $15 an hour, and does it all watching trouble making punks who do drive by shootings, smoke drugs, and beat up their parents. PLEASE HELP!!! We both know there has to be a traditional 8AM-5PM job in her field that pays more than $15 an hour, but we just haven’t found out what it is yet. We have a 10 month old daughter that…


Need job/career guidance ASAP?

I’m currently an assistant in an industry I never really imagined myself in. I have a bachelors in business, but I’m not all that sure what I want to do with it, if anything. I’m basically just looking for some intense career guidance. I know the most common thing you should do is to think about what you enjoy doing, but even now from being stressed and unmotivated I’m not sure what that is anymore. I’m trying to tough it out as best I can because let’s face it, student…


What job career would best fit me?

I don’t know what I want to do when I graduate. I need some help deciding what would best fit me. So here are some of my qualities/characteristics.

I’m a good hip hop and lyrical dancer
I have almost all A’s
My favorite class is English and Math
I LOVE to write stories
I am a pretty good actress (I think)
I kinda like animals
I hate Science and Social Studies
I like reading books

Sorry If I didn’t give you enough info…


Looking for job/career advice?

I’m looking for some help on where to go for my career so I’ll try to provide as much info as possible for anyone to help. I’m 30 years old with a wife and baby, so I have all of those normal expenses to take care of. I’ve worked in customer service representative jobs (a supervisor for 2 of them) for the last 8 years but never really went anywhere more. I have a Associates degree in Business but nothing really significant to work with. I’m looking for a career…


I need JOB/CAREER help!?!?

I will be graduating with my BA in Speech Communication and a minor in Political Science by May 09. I’m stressing out and I’m wondering if there are any ideas of what to do with a speech comm major? I plan on moving to Arizona and going to school for my masters degree in Mass Communications but I would like to know if anyone graduated with a speech comm major and what they’re doing or any suggestions where I should start looking to apply for a career?!

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Good career job before a degree?

What are the best jobs to get if I want to become a forensic investigator but currently do not have a degree?
I want a job at a firm that deals with either computer forensics, background investigation, private investigation, I am currently going to college but have a LONG way to go before I get a degree in Criminal justice. I heard town halls are good but I can not find anything online that deals with this sort of investigation and if it does then you need a degree.…


Certificate in Accounting & Job/Career?

Is advanced certification in accounting worth doing if I need a job in accounting? I have a 1 yr work experience in a CPA company but no degree. I went to univ. for sometime but stopped coz of financial probs. I cannot go to school for 2-3 yrs but will this certificate help me find a decent job??

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future job career? help!?

i have 10 gcse—–AA-science, A maths, B IT, A r.e, A geog, C french, A history, BB english.

i want a good job but most inportantly high pay any suggestions by the way the gcse are predictions i want to kno so i can choose to go on further

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what job/career requires alot of travel to different countries????

thanx for ur help!!!

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What career or job can one get with an economic major?

I like economics and hope someone can tell me what kind of job I can get with a degree in economics. Would appreciate the help. THanks

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