Looking for job/career advice?

I’m looking for some help on where to go for my career so I’ll try to provide as much info as possible for anyone to help. I’m 30 years old with a wife and baby, so I have all of those normal expenses to take care of. I’ve worked in customer service representative jobs (a supervisor for 2 of them) for the last 8 years but never really went anywhere more. I have a Associates degree in Business but nothing really significant to work with. I’m looking for a career move but I’m honestly not sure what to get into. I’m not really interested in the customer service side and would like to get out of that altogether. I have no problem starting at an entry level position but I do need reasonable salary to help support my family. My wife is a nurse and makes good money but 1 income doesn’t support a family anymore. I’m really looking for suggestions of what I could get into, since I have customer service experience but little more than that. Any help would be appreciated

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6 Responses to “Looking for job/career advice?”

  1. Michael W says:

    Work for an agency for some time. You will soon know what work you like and what particular company is good to work for.

  2. bionicbookworm says:

    What are your interests? Have you done any local job searches to determine what’s viable in your area? Have you gone on-line to various career sites to check out current job opportunities and salaries? Have you checked with local job service organizations?

    You seem to be kind of neutral on the whole issue and that makes it hard to give reasonable suggestions. Do you have any hobbies that could be valuable in a new career? What didn’t you like about customer service that’s making you want to leave? How is the job market in your region & is such a move really wise at this time?

    Was there any emphasis in your Associates degree that you can build on for your career search? Does your college have a job placement or career counseling office that you can use?

    I think you should try some serious self-assessment and see if you can figure out exactly where you want this to go. Maybe write out what you want in a career, what you don’t want, list jobs that sound interesting, list those that don’t and then see if a pattern develops.

    Good Luck!

  3. SuperBeth says:

    Here is a good way to make a little extra money. It doesn’t take much time, and no revenue.


  4. SpiceGirl says:

    You should trying working at home. I have 3 friends that do it and I have recently started myself after seeing them make full time income from home. There are a lot of scams so be careful. The health benefits company I work for is legitimate and is partnered with major retailers for corporate discounts so that should say something about their validity. I am making good money to start. I know we can’t post links so if you would like more info email me and I will send you the link to check it out. I’m getting tired of the 9-5 routine and I can see this will help me get to the point where I can stay at home instead and work on my own schedule. Good luck!!!

  5. lekarys says:

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  6. Rob R says:

    Have you looked into the Tupperware business? It’s not just for women anymore. The president is male. The company was featured on CBS back in March because of it’s growth despite the rise in unemployment–you can YouTube the spot for details. Call 1-866-376-7518 for a quick listen.