Have you ever sat at work and seriously considered packing it all and doing something more interesting with your life instead? I am pretty sure that every single person in the world has thought about living out their dreams at least once.

In my case, I have spent the last few months day dreaming about throwing my resignation letter onto my boss’s desk and heading off into the sunset with nothing but a giant rucksack on my back and a Swiss Army knife in my pocket. When I am feeling particularly fed up at work I also add in the idea of dropping my trousers on the way out and enjoying my first few minutes of freedom by showing my boss what I think of the job.

Of course my trousers will remain firmly buttoned up as I leave the office for the last time but the fact that I have even thought about doing something so stupid ( I work in a High Street bank with CCTV cameras ) shows how being stuck in a rubbish job can affect you.

So where will I go once I finally quit my job?


I have always wanted to go here but I have never had the time or the courage. Once you start looking into it you realise that it is such an enormous country with so much to see that you would need months just to get started. The mere thought of standing in the streets of Goa or of staring up in awe at the Taj Mahal brings me out in goose bumps and I know that as some point in my life I will end up here.

South America

The great thing about this place is that you can see some amazing sights (Machu Picchu, Buenos Aires, Lake Titicaca etc) in different countries but using the same language. Unless I go to Brazil or – perhaps less likely – French Guiana, my schoolboy Spanish will see me communicate with the locals like a, well, like a Brit who has an extremely basic level of schoolboy Spanish I suppose.


I am pretty sure that I once read a statistic about there being a million British tourists in Australia at any given time. I can’t find any reference to this online and I am pretty sure it was an exaggeration but the truth is that lots of us go there every year. Why?  Sun, no language problems (or not many at least), a great lifestyle, sun, friendly people, big open roads and did I mention the sun at all? I have worked with quite a few Australians over the years and I have found them to be brilliant people to speak to. The only downside is that maybe isn’t the most exotic destination in the world, as strange as that sounds about a place on the other side of the planet.


It was actually one of the Australians I worked with who gave me the idea of travelling in Europe. He spent a lot of time in places such as Italy and Germany and said great things about them. Last year I took my first step towards exploring our continent by taking a holiday in Portugal. It was more luxurious than anything I could afford if I was backpacking across Europe on a shoestring but we all have to start somewhere. I really enjoyed my time in Portugal and of course Europe has the huge advantage of there being on border restrictions for British travellers. I could certainly be tempted to spend the best year of my life flitting across from the Iberian Peninsula one side to wherever the journey takes me to on the other side.

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