Psychology majors possess an amazingly diverse skill set that leaves open to them a sea of potential job opportunities. When one with a degree in this field is willing to apply to jobs that they previously may not have considered, usually they will discover that their degree has left them much better equipped for a diverse job market than they ever knew. Skills such as understanding how human beings communicate and are motivated, and analyzing data and calculating outcomes, are all necessary in many positions. Here are some titles that definitely benefit from having someone with a psychology background and skill set.

Social Workers

Being a social worker is not easy, but it is perfect for someone with an understanding of human beings, their minds and motivations, and a desire to help them. There are many areas of social work that provide an individual the opportunity to work more specifically with a certain group of people, or on a specific type of circumstances. There is a great need to help children, the elderly, and those living in poverty or abusive situations. This is good noble work that may be difficult at times.


Acquiring the proper degrees and becoming a clinical psychologist or a therapist is a fantastic career path open to these majors. You can work for a clinic or hospital, or open your own independent practice. The money is good, and you have the opportunity to help anyone from children to the elderly. Counseling and therapy are great professions where you are never bored and always giving back. It can be hard at times to listen to stories or circumstances that may be hard to hear, but the reward for helping individuals to cope with these circumstances, makes it all worth it.

School Psychologist

Most elementary middle and high schools have their own individual psychologists, or counselors, that work within the school on a daily basis. Their duties include listening and offering support to students who are having issues at school or at home, talking to parents and helping to mediate any situations that may arise between parent and child or parent and teacher, and helping to create an education plan for older students by assisting in the college application process.

On occasion, individual districts may have a psychologist that travels or floats between schools handling more serious issues that may arise, like abuse or behavioral problems. In some instances, a district may have a floating psychologist due to a smaller budget or having smaller schools, This means more work, but usually more pay as well.


Teaching Psychology to college level student either community or four year programs is an obvious career path for those with psychology majors. Depending on what level you would like to teach, more or less credentials may be required. You probably do not need a doctorate to teach at the community college level; however, one may be required when seeking employment at a four year university. The degrees necessary for employment are specific to the particular job. It is usually safe to assume that the more education and credentials you have, the better.

Business Managers/Human Resources

Because of their understanding of how people think and communicate, psychology majors make great managers and human resource personnel. The skills these majors possess help them to create positive programs to help motivate employees to perform better and faster and more pleasantly; they have an understanding of what motivates individuals and how they think.

When put in a HR positions, these individuals thrive because they are able to mediate and problem solve by using their “therapy” like background to resolve conflict and find solutions to problems that may arise.


A psychology background gives you such an in depth understanding for how the human mind works, one with a degree in the subject would be great in a marketing position. Psychologists are able to understand what motivates human beings to act ,what triggers impulses, and what drives them to consume; therefore, there is no one better suited to create a marketing strategy aimed at attracting consumers and increasing sales.


Due to their experience with statistics and analyzing data, those with a degree in psychology have the skill set that is required to be in the financial world, specifically in personal finance. They have an understanding of what motivates one to spend or save and therefore can coach individuals in a manner conducive to them achieving their financial goals. They also have experience analyzing data and statistics making it easier for them to watch the constant fluctuation in the financial world and act or advise accordingly.

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