Many people will offer you career advice while you’re working your way towards a college degree. You’ll hear about jobs with great salaries, jobs that will give you personal satisfaction and jobs with the best benefits. What you won’t often hear about are the jobs that you shouldn’t take. We’ve compiled this list of worst jobs, by major, for 2012. Whatever you do, don’t take these jobs:

Communications Major

While being a television or radio broadcaster may seem glamorous, it is actually one of the worst jobs for a recent college grad. Competition is fierce and pay is low! There’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy local fame as an on-air personality, but that will be about as far as it goes. Telemarketing is another job for communications majors to avoid. You didn’t work yourself to exhaustion for four years to spend eight hours a day having a phone slammed down in your ear.

Photography Major

Chances are high that you chose to enroll in a photography program because you had a goal in mind. Whether that goal was to be a freelance photographer or a fashion photographer, don’t lose sight of it when you graduate. One of the worst jobs you can take after earning your degree is in a big box store’s photo shop. Did you pay thousands of dollars to make minimum wage snapping uninspired portraits of screaming children?

Education Major

You spent four years of your life learning about child development, psychology and effective classroom management. Don’t let all of that effort go to waste by watching other people’s children. Babysitting will surround you with children but that’s about all. Teachers teach and babysitters wipe behinds, feed hungry bellies and keep fights from breaking out. You won’t make enough babysitting to support yourself, and forget paying back those student loans that you’ve racked up!

Agriculture Major

Unless your family has owned and operated a successful dairy farm for years, this isn’t the job for you. The working conditions are difficult and the pay is incredibly low. Dairy farms are slowly moving out of the hands of families and into the folds of the corporate world. Bankruptcy filings among farmers are at an all time high and, if you succeed, it will take you years to break even.

Environmental Studies Major

You have to have a love of the outdoors and the environment in general to undertake this major. Use your degree to change the world for the better; don’t use it to cut down trees! Lumberjacks have an incredibly dangerous job and make a pittance in comparison to the extreme conditions they face on a daily basis. You’d be hard-pressed to find a lumberjack who hasn’t suffered a serious injury of some type at least once in his or her career.

If you are struggling to find a job in your choice of field, you’d be better off looking to another field than taking one of these low-paying jobs. While a lucky few will find a great job immediately after graduation, most students won’t. You’ll find your dream job eventually, but don’t take on the job of your nightmares in the meantime.

About the author: Oscar Boyles writes for several higher ed blogs. He writes for www.ufl.edu where you can learn more about masters degree in communications.


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