Do you feel a burning desire to help people? Are you caring, empathetic and kind? Would you like a job that gives you both financial and emotional rewards? If you answered a resounding “Yes” to these questions, perhaps a career in medicine is for you. Here’s one more question though: do you want to study for seven years? If you answered a flat “No” to that one, then maybe a career as a medical assistant could be for you. Here are a few reasons why a medical assistant is a rewarding job choice.

It’s varied

Being a medical assistant means that you’re often the doctor’s right hand man (or woman). You normally choose to specialise either in the administrative or the clinical side. According to AllAlliedHealthSchools.com, the admin stream usually entails dealing with paperwork, but this certainly doesn’t mean sitting behind a desk all day. You will need to set up appointments, file medical records, prepare patients to see the doctor, fill prescriptions and perhaps even do some bookkeeping. If you decide on the clinical route, you will often be present during minor surgeries and, if you have a background in lab work, you can handle samples and diagnostics. If there’s no one around, you may even get the chance to say, “I saved someone’s life today”, as you will need to deal with the odd medical emergency.

It’s stable

During these times of economic uncertainty, knowing that you won’t lose your job can be very comforting. Any career within the medical field has guaranteed job security, as there will always be sick people who need medical assistance. Being a medical assistant also means that you are usually paid well. According to AllAlliedHealthSchools.com, your pay often depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the practice, location, and your experience and qualifications.

It’s emotionally rewarding

If you really want to feel like you’re making a difference, then you should consider becoming a medical assistant. You have to help people when they are at their most vulnerable; when they are sick. This line of work carries a lot of responsibility, a willingness to work as a team with the doctor and problem-solving skills. You will be met with many challenges and even heartbreak (when patients die, for example), but the reward of seeing a patient comforted by your mere presence is priceless. There is also plenty of room for growth emotionally and career-wise. After some time in a medical practice, your hands on experience will give you a steady footing to study nursing or even to become a doctor.

Many e-Learning providers offer online certified medical assistant programmes, from short courses to diplomas. You can even choose whether you want to work in a dental practice, or at a vet. If you want to provide help and support during times of need, it could be just the right choice for you.

Ang Lloyd writes on behalf of Oxbridge Academy, which offers a range of distance education courses in South Africa, including online medical studies.


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