Ever been sat at your desk at work feeling fed up, stressed and full of pent-up tension? Yes? You and everyone else. Relax, everyone who has so much as set foot in an office has felt that pressure from demanding workloads, overbearing bosses and annoying colleagues. There’s a myriad reasons for your stress levels to be through the roof. We know it’s not easy, and there’s no easy fix, but there are ways you can make little dents in your stress level. Here are some.

Take a Walk

It may seem an obvious one but you would be surprised at how many people sit in front of their computer everyday without even a five minute break. Lunch is eaten in at the desk and lasts all of ten minutes before it is back to work. This routine is bad for the eyes, brain and fitness and can all add to stress levels. Studies have shown that exercise can cause what is known as “runner’s high”, in which the parts of the brain associated with euphoria and romantic love are flooded with mood-altering endorphins. Maybe it’s time to consider a trip to the gym during your lunch hour!

Exercise From Your Desk

Sometimes, sitting in the same position for long periods of time can attribute to office stress but doing a few exercises every now and again can help. The best bit is that they can be done at your desk so there are no excuses. Try bicep curls by holding a water bottle in your hand and bring the bottle towards your shoulder with a curling action. Repeat twenty times on both sides and feel the stress being released. Another great one is to face you computer screen and then turn your head right while turning your torso in the opposite direction. Do this fifteen times before repeating the action in the opposite directions to beckon those all-important endorphis one again!

Stress Balls

These have become a bit of a cliché over the last few years and are considered a bit outdated by some, but they are still extremely effective in helping you out in stressful situations. Massaging the ball gives you something to concentrate on and can be very therapeutic. It also means you don’t resort to your own stress busting tactics such as biting your lips or nails!

Listen to Music

Depending on your work policy on this matter, listening to music (using headphones) can be a great way to release stress. Whether it is specialised stress relieving music, or simply a selection of your favourite tunes they can help you concentrate on your work and block out any off-putting situations or noises coming from the office.

Make Your a Drink or Snack

If you feel particularly stressed, get up from your desk and make yourself a cuppa, pour yourself a refreshing cold drink or treat yourself to a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or a square of dark chocolate. Not only will it take your mind off the stressful situation but treating yourself will help you relax and wind down for a few minutes. When you come back to your work, things may look brighter than they did fifteen minutes ago.

Personalise Your Workspace

So many desks and work cubicles look clinical and uninviting. Spruce yours up by adding family photos, your children’s artwork and your favourite quotations to make it more homely and a haven you can retreat to after a stressful meeting or chat with the boss. If you feel under pressure or unhappy about a work situation, focus on your personalised decorations for a moments such as the photographs and things will instantly feel better.

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