Tips Towards Professional Resume Writing

Professional resume writing involves righting skills towards resume writing and preparation of covering letter. A professionally written resume is considered to be an excellent tool to achieve the desirable job. A basic resume should include headings, objectives, education and work experiences. Personal references can be provided on request. A professional written resume will increase the chances for the candidate to get called for an interview. This is the first important step towards being selected for the job. Otherwise, the candidate with poor resume may be rejected by the employer…


I need a sample cover letter?

Im sending out my resume to some places even if they are not hiring. I havent had a lot of work experience but im looking for work in general office work. Where can I find some sample cover letter for someone whose looking for work?

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Covering Letter Sample Alert

In American we refer to it as a cover letter, in Britain they refer to it as a covering letter. It’s the same thing. The main purpose of the covering letter is to get you that interview. It’s sent with their CV which for those who don’t know means curriculum vitae and is the British version of a resume. A covering letter sample is going to do the same thing that a cover letter sample does and that is essentially nothing. A covering letter sample does not contain the…


Cover Letter Writing: How Do I Write A Cover Letter To Get More Interviews?

In talking with former job search clients, I rarely heard the question: “How do I write a cover letter to get more interviews? Although the importance of the cover letter is more of a part of today’s job seeker toolkit, it wasn’t always like this, the the idea of using cover letter writing as an edge for getting job interviews was not always well known.

Although as a rule, we’ve given most of the attention to resume development – and rightfully so – the art of cover letter writing…


Don’t Send a Resume: And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job

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Counterintuitive commandments for hungry job-seekers from the bestselling author of How to Become CEO and How to Become a Rainmaker

Anyone who thinks getting a good job is easy in this booming economy should think again. Greater prosperity has made the work force smarter and more competitive than ever. The real plum jobs are out there, but they’re harder to get than ever. Now, bestselling author and innovative thinker Jeffrey J. Fox, who has helped thousands of listeners rise to the top of any organization, steps up to…


Cover Letter Resume Sample

It is estimated that almost 100 people apply for every same job today; Cover Letter Resume Sample this is a lot of competition, therefore you need to create a CV and cover letter that will present you in your best light, emphasizing on your skills and abilities. If you want to know how to build a resume that will let your knowledge shine brighter than others, here are a few tips and hints for you:

- Check and double check the CV you are sending. It…


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