How To Write A Good Cover Letter

We struggle with so many things in life. Writing good cover letters does not have to be one. For most individuals, writing good cover letters was not a subject they had in college or even in high school. This is quite sad because the average person should know the fundamental steps in writing cover letters because these are tools in getting them the job that they want.

When starting in their career, one needs a cover letter to present along with his resume. Cover letters serve as first…


Professional Resume Writing Services: The Bad (Part II)

This article represents part II of my series on professional resume writing services. Part I covered “The Good” aspects of the industry. For instance, I looked at how the industry has been a great service to many job seekers and to employers by enhancing the quality of resumes and producing targeted documents that marry the needs of the employer with the skills of the candidate.

Now I will focus on some of the negatives. Before I do that, however, let me start out by reiterating that I happen to…


A Job Description Helps Focus Employees Tasks

If you are currently working and you knew exactly what your boss wants to be done while you are at work, then you are one of the 41% of employees who did know what was expected from them in their job. The majority of employees surprisingly did not know exactly what their job is, and therefore both the employees and their bosses are unhappy, unsatisfied with each other, and dont expect each other to reach greater productivity levels at work. As a consequence, neither expects any further rewards and…


Effective Technique For Writing Engineering Resume Objectives

Engineering is the acquaintance, parameter, aptitude and profession of acquiring and applying technical, scientific and arithmetical knowledge to plan and implement equipment, structures, apparatus, plans, systems, and processes that watchfully know a desired objective or inventions. There are numerous branches of engineering such as civil, electrical, mechanical, and plastic, electronics, computer science, etc. The person who practices engineering is called an engineer.

There are exceptional career options in this field. People who are at this position have to bear numerous important roles and errands. Here is a sample job…


Help on a resume? If i am making a resume for several different jobs how would i do my objective?

all the sample’s i see have a specific job in mind when they put their objective in.. i just want something general, what could i put?

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Resume – First Impression is Last Impression

Let’s start with the question what is a resume? A resume is nothing but a marketing tool on the basis of which a company will hire you for a job. You need to cross a number of roads before you join a company such as the interview, technical round, HR round and so on. However remember all of these come later.

First you should create a good impression about yourself in the employer’s mind. Only then you can expect to follow the other processes. Resume is your gateway to…


Resumes Get You Interviews Part 3

www.resumes.info Resumes get you interviews. How to write a Professional Resume on your Own. See real live resume critique. Critique. Resume writing skills shown. See How to get a job using a Resume.
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Social Networking and the Job Search

i-Student News Reporter Lauren Gores highlights both the negative and positive aspects of having a social networking profile while searching for a job.
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A Killer Medical Cover Letter

The importance of a killer medical cover letter is a critical issue. Health care jobs are in high demand and the competition for them is stiff. Your cover letter must be in excellent health in order to impress a hiring manager or nurse. Before you send off your application package give your cover letter a complete physical. After your cover letter passes the exam with a clean bill of health you are ready to get your job search started. Remember, a killer medical cover letter is just what the…


Freelance Writing Jobs: Five Hot Tips On Becoming A Freelance Writer

Finding freelance writing jobs online is more than just a challenge. There’s a lot of steps you must take to ensure you sign up for a reputable freelance job and get paid when you’re finished with the assignment.

As a freelance writer, getting paid is your biggest concern. Since payment isn’t given until you’ve finished the writing assignment, chances are, an irreputable client might take your finished work and never pay you for it.

I’m a part-time freelance writer myself, and even though I can personally…


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