Q&A: Getting a legal assistant job with no experience writing the coverletter?

Question by Siera E: Getting a legal assistant job with no experience writing the coverletter?
Im currently going to school for my paralegal degree..I was almost going to drop being a paralegal b/c it requires so much experience even with a degree once u graduate but I saw this awesome opportunity in the paper for a legal receptionist said paralegal certificate preferred but I have all of the administrative and customer service skills to back it up..what i need to know is how do i write an awesome cover letter but letting them know i dont have a paralegal certificate yet or any experience i’ve only been in classes for 2 weeks now? any suggestions on a awesome cover letter? or maybe i can work on a per diem basis or something I NEED HELP!! if i can get this job i wont quit the paralegal degree b/c by the time i graduate i’ll have the 2years of paralegal experience i need to get a good job

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Answer by AtomiK Kitten
Let them know how far along you are in your training, what classes you have taken that are applicable to the firm (if it is a civil litigation firm…and you’ve taken civil lit for example). Put a bit about your experience in there. Google paralegal resume examples. You will find cover letter examples that way, too. You can get experience by volunteering with your local legal aid society.

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  1. V.T.V.RAM says:

    Dear Sir,
    Apropos your advertisement for the post of ” legal receptionist” , please find herewith my resume for favor of your consideration.
    I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that i would be an apt candidate for the above post, and i am undergoing paralegal course.
    Since paralegal certificate is only preferred and not mandatory, i have ventured to apply for this post, and if selected i shall prove myself worthy of the confidence imposed in me.
    Thanking you in anticipation,
    With regards ,