Q&A: What is the going rate for resume writing?

Question by Fly girl: What is the going rate for resume writing?
Ok, someone wants me to help them write a resume for a high level managerial position. I have decent writing skills. I’ve done plenty of successful resumes for myself over the years as well as being a frequent user of my undergrad univ’s career center. I have picked up a lot of tidbits in this area. Anyway, what is a good price to charge?

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Answer by self.coach
If you are not certified resume writer, you cannot charge more – get certified and you can make a living out of it by charging atleast $ 500 per resume.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: What is the going rate for resume writing?”

  1. froggsfriend says:

    Hi there! I am sorry I don’t have a clue as to the going rate for your skilled assistance but I did want to share a story with you about resumes that recently happened to me. It seems that someone who knows my phone number, address and full name has been posting resumes they have made up quite well in my behalf here on the web to various corporations. I have been getting all sorts of calls wanting me to schedule personal interviews based upon the skills they have apparently listed me as having. Whatever they have put in those things has gotten me calls for several corporate level job listings in the local area. I just don’t have any of these executive skills at all though. I am a trained professional musician and other than that, I have some college but not a degree and I am simply a housewife and mother at present due to my ill health. I found all of that quite funny but yet sort of sad that someone is so very bored they only have things to do like that for recreation. I guess it is obviously someone who must like me or I would not be getting these calls at all. How about some people and their weird pastimes, huh? Being a professional woman yourself, I thought you would find this funny as well so I bothered to share it with you. I know it doesn’t help with this question one single bit. But I suppose I am a bit bored and no one around with whom to gab. You take care now, and just be sure you charge enough money for those resumes to make it worth your while. A thing like that could keep you pretty consumed if you aren’t careful.

  2. Captain Caveman says:

    $ 50.00 is a good price to charge for a standard resume and it’s MS Word file. Yes, certified services get $ 300 and up, but this includes a distribution network, web hosting and other amenities.