New in the states – where to go to find help to find a job?

Is there an agency that helps with finding a job, writing a Resume and things like that? In Germany we have the “Arbeitsamt” (Job center) – where you go to register if you’re unemployed and looking to find a job – they help with resume, application and employers call there when they need to find employees. How does this works here?

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3 Responses to “New in the states – where to go to find help to find a job?”

  1. Mr Njorl says:

    Look in your telephone book for the local office of the US Department of Labor. They would be your best source for correct information. If you have friends here from Germany, or if you know of any local German-American organizations, they should be able to help you as well.

    Welcome to America!

  2. JQT says:

    In the US, most people has do it yourself when it comes to finding jobs. The reason being compensation structure for recruiters in the US is very different from Europe.

    You can hire someone to write resume. But make sure he/she really understands your profession.

    You can also hire a career coach to help guide you through job searching process. This might be helpful to you, particularly it is your first job in the US.

    Most job candidates search on the Internet for job openings. Companies will often have a list of jobs on their company web sites. There are also many job boards, some are generic aggregaters like monsters.com, careerbuilders.com, some are more specific to industries like cfo.com, jobsinthemoney.com.

    What type of professions are you in? I might be able to help direct you to the right person or web site. Contact me directly via email.

    Best of luck.

  3. US says:

    First of all if you are new to the country are you legally allowed to work here ?

    If the answer is yes, refer to Resume books in the local book stores. Good Luck