Job resume help, can you help me please!?

Ok so i am chris, a 21 year old that has been going to college for 3 years and very close to a AA in criminal justice, my problem is i cant afford it any more so i need a better job, i am writing a resume to this oil field company for a engineering form of job and my cousin already set me up for a interview. i need help writing a resume and what should i say to make my skills stand towards the position, i have worked at Radioshack for 3 years, become asst. manager, i have no oil field experience, but im a extremly good with cars. i can type very fast and im very good with computers. i can learn anything. im tired of a job, i want a career. what should i say with my qualifications to stand out, the interview is monday. how do i make these jobs or skills apply to a oil field job? also what should i bring up at a interview? thanks!

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  1. Catey says:

    You will not get an engineering job in the oilfield unless you have been majoring in petroleum engineering, have a degree in petroleum exploration geology-related field. However, your could possibly start out on a rig (in “worm’s corner”), roustabout, get your CDL and drive an oilfield truck, check with a work-over rig company, maintaining pumping units. Check with local well-service companies for an entry-level position, and work your way up. Good Luck!

  2. IndyMom says:

    Post below me is correct. Probably need a degree in that field to “land the dream job” Sounds like if you have an in with the interviewer, you may get on as an entry level person.

    Why an oil field company if you are that close to a degree in Criminal Justice? I am not a rocket Scientist but that does not seem to be a very smart move for you. At 21, not completed your degree in one field, quitting college and going in a completely different direction will only slow your career down.

    May I suggest: Hire a resume professional to properly document and capture your talents and achievements including your college to date. Be sure to include a very important detail in you resume under Goals: You want to continue your education” (This shows that you are goal oriented and driven)

    Getting your resume is not difficult or very expensive to do, check at the local library, other classmates who have written their own resumes, look on line for a resume preparer “locally”, there are numerous software programs that assist you in writing resumes. I believe that many versions of Microsoft Word have a resume tutor including the set ups etc.

    When you purchase the resume, just get a few copies from them or have them e-mail it to you. You can buy some decent paper and print it out yourself at home and tailor the cover page to your interviewer or the perspective employer.

    When you do have the resume in hand, mass produce it and send it to every law firm that you can find. In the interview, ask about “tuition reimbursement”. Many many companies out there in the professional world will pay you for continued education. Stay in school, find a company who will give you a little leeway in your schedule to allow you to stay in school and reduce your classload to suit your needs. It is quite possible that you may find everything you need by finding the right company to allow you to work there, get paid, go to school, and be assisted with your tuition.

    Good luck Chris, please do yourself the favor of staying in school now. You will hate your decision later. The odds are “if you quit now, you will never go back later” .

  3. STEPHEN R says:

    Have someone proof read Resume
    Redo Resume
    Willing to Learn
    Love to service cars
    Like people

    & send Resumes to:
    Jiffy Lube?
    ExpressLube etc.
    Be creative.
    Tap your talents.
    Be YOU.
    Show recommendations from Radio Shack alone.
    Prove your Mgmt material.
    Take online courses???