How to get a job without a resume?

I really need a job but I don’t have a good resume. I have long gaps in employment, few references, etc. What’s the best way to get a job WITHOUT a resume or anything good to put on an application? I’m 24 by the way, but I haven’t had a real job in years. I need something where I can just get an interview and a job without an application/resume.

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6 Responses to “How to get a job without a resume?”

  1. Beth R ƒ says:

    trust me its hard work! you could do a basic cv, or try very low end temp jobs where they will take people with little or no experience, like school leavers or fist time workers. ive had the same thing, 26 and had 17 jobs, so i lie and only put the decent relevant ones on my cv, jiggle the dates to cover the employment gaps and say i was taking time out to study / travel or that they were temp jobs. depends what you want to do and what jobs you have done before.. the other thing you could try is work placement training, or skills trainers to get something on a cv, maybe take a basic ecdl / ms office/ or admin course ( example) to get something on paper? temp agencies are good and will do tests to see what level you are at before putting you in for jobs or not.

  2. iriska says:

    Be hired by the relatives or friends! I am sure they do not need your resume sometimes.

  3. simplelife3@sbcglobal.net says:

    There’s not too many jobs out there that you can “apply” for without a resume or an application. After all, you’re competing with people who have all that, so why would they hire you? The resume/completing an application tells the potential employer that you are serious, motivated, etc. at least compared to the next person.

    Friends and relatives would probably be the way to go; after all, they know you and what you can do. A stranger? That would truly the “being at the right place at the right time.” And if you do get the job, make sure you do what it takes to keep the job. That is your chance to build up your resume. Job hopping, especially when you can’t provide a solid explanation, can separate you from the others.

  4. Crystal says:

    I work for a company called ChaCha, people text random questions, it comes to your computer and you get paid per question you answer. You can answer as many or as little as you want and work anytime 24/7. BUT it will not make you rich, I make enough to pay my rent every month so it’s better than nothing. It’s really easy and kinda funny to see the weird questions people ask.

    I think right now they are only hiring people who are referred by current employees so apply at http://becomeaguide.chacha.com/ and enter crystalmurray86@yahoo.com in the referral box.

  5. Syed says:

    Without a Resume/application you can get job in your friend or any relative office.

    If you really serious in search of job to do for long…. you should apply it by Writing good resumes, No probs if you have gap in employement. Find good resume Formats here http://www.resumeformat.org you should try Fresher resumes. good luck.

  6. Steve says:

    If you want a job without a resume then you need to find a small business. Talk to the business owner directly and explain what you’re looking for. Oftentimes people will hire you once you’re right there, if you seem trustworthy.

    Also, come up with a good explanation for why you had a large gap. I was smoking pot with my buddies in the band isn’t always considered a good explanation, for instance. Right now the economy’s bad, so it’s not uncommon for people to have gaps in their experience. Act like it’s perfectly OK.

    The other option, is sales. They’re always looking for good sales people. If you can do that, then start applying for sales jobs.