how can I use microsoft office in my job search?

does anyone have a template for managing all the job boards, contacts, letters, etc?

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2 Responses to “how can I use microsoft office in my job search?”

  1. Donna M says:

    I use Excel.

  2. Amit A says:

    The first place to start will be MS Word. It has built in templates that make compiling a document easy. It does require some thought when you are thinking of building your resume. To invoke the resume template, open MS word, then click on FILE > NEW > and go to the tab called Other Documents. It has 3 templates for Resume.

    1. Elegant Resume
    2. Professional Resume
    3. Resume Wizard
    4. Contemporary Resume

    Use #3 if you don’t have a resume to begin with since it guides you with intuitive interface.

    Then, you may want to go on-line and search for jobs. Monster.com, Hotjobs.com, careerbuilder.com etc are some good sites to look at. Once you apply for a job, log the job in MS Excel. Track the jobs by having information on the following:

    1. Date Applied
    2. Company Name
    3. Contact Information
    4. Position Title
    5. Salary Range
    6. Start Date
    7. Special Qualifications
    8. Location
    9. etc etc etc

    ** Use the above MS Excel columns to create a custom template. You may realize that you need more/less data as per your needs.**

    Job Search is really more of an art than science. Given your qualifications, you may find that some positions emphasize more on a certain skill set than another. It is here that a Cover Letter comes into play. Here again you can use the built in templates in MS word to write a brief summary of your qualifications and highlight which specific skill set you have that the company seeks the most. This improves your chances to get an actual interview.

    Best of Luck with your search.!