what should be included in a job resume?

i am applying for a part time job
and instead of an application they require a resume
i am applying for a sales position

what should i include?
any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “what should be included in a job resume?”

  1. Rick B says:

    Use one of the thousands of templates out there. Microsoft.com has several.

    It needs to include your contact info, education, job history, and special skills or certification.

  2. Katie W says:

    Employment history, and school, generally past high school unless you have nothing else with which to fill the page.

    Do your best to tie in any experiences or skills you have which are pertinent to the job for which you’re applying: for example, for sales, persuasiveness, leadership, any previous sales experience, and if you’ve had any significant achievements in sales (“top sales for the quarter on a regular basis at “, etc). If you can show enthusiasm for the product type, that can often help, though too much so can backfire; sales managers often find that the real enthusiasts spend too much time talking about what they love, rather than actually selling.

    If this is a first job, so you have no official job experience, then you might put a short statement to that effect at the top, and note any life experience you have that shows why they should want to employ you. Were you good at fundraisers in school? That’s sales, too. How about any leadership roles in school? You can add hobbies and skills at the bottom, also, if pertinent to the job you’re applying for.

  3. kitty161188 says:

    it is a good idea to add everything that the previous person said also include what language(s) you speak, your objective, education(gpa, expected graduation date, etc), contact info at the top of the page, experience(jobs, internships, volunteere experience.