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When a hiring manager reads your cover letter she’s looking for something that makes you real and memorable, that sets you apart.

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You can make cover letter samples work overtime for you, generate some heat and anticipation.

See below for two quick ways to use your cover letter to get singled out as a hot prospect:

1. Don’t spare the testimonials. Good sales copy is loaded with testimonials because they’re very persuasive. It’s called social suasion. Other people’s opinions matter to us. We’re influenced by others. But be cautious. Typical testimonials can sound formal or stilted. “Sue is a very competent programmer.” Really. Ask for something more conversational. Better yet, weave short snippets of your best testimonials into your story. “I’m most proud of a statement a colleague made about me “Every project gets better when Satya is involved.”

That’s something that the recruiter will never see from your competition with their cover letter samples.

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2. Study the best advertising. Great copywriters make more money than you or me. Why? Because their words must move people to action. Their clients aren’t looking for great grammar, they want dollars in their pockets. Copywriters don’t hesitate to use evocative language, powerful images, bold claims, and influential phrases like easy, certain, and act now.

The next time you’re at the check out counter pick up the tabloids, the Globe or the Enquirer. Skip the story about the potato chip that looks like Elvis and go straight to the ads. Pay attention to how quickly they get to whatever catches your eye. Now review your cover letter samples and the work you’ve done to make them your own. You are the product. Are you riveted by what you’ve written?

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