Real-Resumes for Construction Jobs

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Don’t take it for granted that construction industry jobs are always easy to get. The best jobs in any field are always the object of intense competition! This book will show how to enter, advance in, or exit from the construction field while speaking the lingo of the construction industry. Resumes include jobs such as project manager, carpenter, foreman, safety manager, electrician, brick mason, engineering manager, real estate agent, plumber, job planner, sander, flooring installer, interior designer, independent contractor, and many other jobs.

A word of advice from Editor Anne McKinney: “It used to be the case that you just had to show up on a job site to get a job in construction. While that may still be true when the construction industry is booming, you will always make your best impression if you have a resume that shows your employment history and track record of accomplishments. This great book of sample resumes and cover letters showing construction industry experience will help construction industry tradesmen and professionals show off their expertise. If you want to enter the construction field or advance in the industry, you don’t need just any resume book. You need an industry-specific resume book! You will love this book targeted specifically to the construction field. Every resume and cover letter we put in a Real-Resumes Series book has been tested and proven in the real job market. Don’t play games with your career. Your choice of a resume book is one of the most important career decisions you will ever make.”

Praise for books in the Real-Resumes Series:
“Distinguished by its highly readable samples.” – Library Journal
“These excellent new guides don’t just provide the usual coverage on how to write a resume. They provide industry-specific examples, industry-specific tips and cautions, and industry-specific strategies based on real-world resumes. Since many technical types aren’t writers, this comes as a special gift; select a winning format, plug in your background specs, and away you go. It’s that easy–with Real-Resumes in hand.”– The Midwest Book Review

Testimonials from people who have successfully used this book:
“After years in the construction industry, I suddenly found myself in need of a resume for the first time. Real-Resumes samples showed me how to harness my extensive experience into a concise format.” D. Talbot
“How many projects to show, and how much detail to communicate were only two of the many questions I had when it came to resume preparation. Real-Resumes answered my questions.” P. Stagnos
“Cover letter preparation was a mystery to me. I didn’t know if I needed one cover letter or many different ones. Real-Resumes solved the mystery.” R. Prodfrock
“As an interior designer, I wondered how much detail to show in terms of my responsibilities and tasks. My questions were answered by sample resumes and cover letters in the Real-Resume books.” Z. Stalion
“When I decided that I wanted to work overseas for a contractor in the Middle East, I needed a resume for the first time in my life. This book helped me develop a resume that showed off my licenses, certifications, skills, and experience, and I got offered jobs at fabulous salaries. Thank heavens I found this book.” T. Pflagos

Real-Resumes for Construction Jobs

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