How to Write a Better Entry-Level Job Resume

Don’t dash out the front door and go shopping for a new job without a resume. A resume highlights your past skills and current knowledge; it’s formatted in a way that helps employers know at a glance what skills and experience you’ll bring to the job.

Look at a resume this way – it’s a one page personal business card, highlighting everything good about yourself. This may be one of the few times you can brag about yourself and get away with it.

Although Microsoft Word and other word…


Creating the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter – New Rules Apply

Resumes and Cover Letters are your personal marketing pieces.

Your resume and cover letter are your marketing pieces when you are hunting down that perfect job.

How your resume portrays you and reflects your strengths and abilities are all part of the overall make up of your personal marketing campaign.

The rules have changed.. Simply stating the positions you have had and your duties is not enough to impress potential employers. No longer is it necessary to list every job you have ever had. Employers and…


Free Cover Letter Templates Word

Are there any good cover letter samples available online? Yes there are, and we list some of the best places to find them below.

Free Cover Letter Templates Word

Before you look at these, it will pay you in the long run if you understand how a cover letter can work, along with your resume, to get you the job interview that you want.

A job application is either speculative – you want to work for a company, but they are not advertising; or it is an application for…


Breathe New Life Into Your Resume

Imagine that you are an employer that has recently run a print or online job ad. You are short-handed, behind schedule, and now find yourself inundated with hundreds of resumes in response to a single job opening. Your first priority is to begin eliminating applicants. But, there is no way you can manage to read every single resume. So, what will you do?

Like most employers or recruiters in this trying situation, you will probably hastily scan each resume to see if it merits further consideration. The majority…


Sample Cover Letters Teacher

The internet is flooded with hundreds of resume samples, which is one less worry. However, to make your resume professional and effective, you need to understand the importance of layout and wording. As you will discover in this article, there are a number of tips to provide you with the extra help needed when using a sample resume.

Resume Creator Click here

You need to know what works and what does not work when creating a resume. Chances are, you have been sending out resume after resume without much…


Drafting A Great Resume – It Shouldn’t Be A Nightmare Now

Prior to committing your pen to paper (or fingers to the keys), start by determining your objective (do this prior to writing the resume). You should clearly state what sort of a job you want, and know what kinds of skills and experiences are needed to do well in that job. Even if you decide to change your job objective later, it is very important that you decide on a temporary objective for now. After your objective is determined, you can structure the content of your resume around that…


How To Write A Good Cover Letter

We struggle with so many things in life. Writing good cover letters does not have to be one. For most individuals, writing good cover letters was not a subject they had in college or even in high school. This is quite sad because the average person should know the fundamental steps in writing cover letters because these are tools in getting them the job that they want.

When starting in their career, one needs a cover letter to present along with his resume. Cover letters serve as first…


Resume – First Impression is Last Impression

Let’s start with the question what is a resume? A resume is nothing but a marketing tool on the basis of which a company will hire you for a job. You need to cross a number of roads before you join a company such as the interview, technical round, HR round and so on. However remember all of these come later.

First you should create a good impression about yourself in the employer’s mind. Only then you can expect to follow the other processes. Resume is your gateway to…


A Killer Medical Cover Letter

The importance of a killer medical cover letter is a critical issue. Health care jobs are in high demand and the competition for them is stiff. Your cover letter must be in excellent health in order to impress a hiring manager or nurse. Before you send off your application package give your cover letter a complete physical. After your cover letter passes the exam with a clean bill of health you are ready to get your job search started. Remember, a killer medical cover letter is just what the…


Should You Pay To Have a Resume Written?

This is a question that a lot of people will ask; if it is worth the cost to pay for having your resume written by someone other than you; i.e. a professional. When there are so many free resume formats and resume samples available on the internet for no charge, should you? Well this is a question you can answer taking into consideration the following points:

Cost : The first point to consider is of course the cost of having a resume written.…


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