Where to Look for Best Freelance Writing Jobs

Every one would like toad a few extra Dollars to his or her income, while trying to do a bit of extra work at home. We have various categories of people who may not be able to attend regular office and hence, would prefer to work from their homes. This includes the retired and handicapped personnel who may not be able to go out of their homes regularly and hence look for freelance jobs.

Similarly, a homemaker who is busy raising and looking after her family may not be…


10 Tips to Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Online activities have increased by numbers during the recent years defying the genuine purpose why the Internet was developed. But things just can’t stop to get better and better. Through the Internet, people are able to earn decent cash while doing online writing jobs and staying at home. There is real money with freelance writing jobs and everyone is invented to witness how to make it real.

Let me share to you some tips useful in finding freelance writing jobs that can guarantee you good money. Just a precaution,…


All About Freelance Technical Writing Jobs

If you have specialized knowledge other than how to be a great writer, then technical writing may be for you.

Technical writing combines your writing talent with a specific area of expertise, such as IT, graphic design, education, engineering, the automotive industry, etc. You could be writing for others who are already familiar with the field, or you could be writing to teach others.

How much does technical writing pay?

Technical writing freelancers often get paid very well, anywhere from $40 to $100 per hour or more. Technical writers…


All About Freelance Health and Medical Writing Jobs

If healthcare and medicine interest you, you’ll probably enjoy freelance health and medical writing. Even if you’re not versed in technical jargon, you can still find a place for yourself in the industry.

If you do have the technical background, you might be an excellent writer for pharmaceutical companies or an editor for medical journals. Otherwise, expect to find freelance jobs writing for magazines or websites about health, or in the health sections of newspapers.

Health and medical writers without backgrounds need to be excellent researchers. Look online or…


Physician Assistant Jobs – Careers Explained

If you’re looking for a career with a great outlook and the rewards of helping others, then perhaps physician assistant jobs are right for you. Once you have completed the necessary schooling, you will be able to find physician assistant jobs all over the country. This is quite possibly the top allied health career at the moment, and with such great job outlook, it is sure to stay that way for quite some time. So just what does a physician assistant do?

Basically, a physician…


All About Freelance SEO Writing Jobs

Ever since people realized they need the right keywords in the right places to rank their websites high in search engines, freelance SEO writers have had work – and plenty of it.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” Search engines (like Yahoo! and Google) scour webpages for certain words and then order them accordingly on the “Search Results” pages. The higher a website reaches on the “Search Results” page, the more searchers will notice it.

Companies hire SEO writers to turn their websites into marketing tools that increase their…


Online Recruitment – Easy Way To Search Jobs

With the advent of internet, all the stress and strain of finding a good job is a thing of the past. Now at the touch of a mouse, you have access to all the recruitment agencies services. Sitting at home you can browse through their websites to zero in on the companies with whom you would like to work, you can apply online to that company and hey presto! You are on your way to land a good job.

Online recruitment is a part and parcel of the corporate…


Work from Home With Temp Writing Jobs

You have all the flexibility you could ever want in a job when you take temp writing jobs and work from home. There are many people who need the services of a writer for small and large projects, such as creating web content for sites, preparing sales letters, resume writing, writing ebooks and more. If you have a talent for creating exciting and informational content and you have a good grasp of English grammar and punctuation, you can earn a good living working at these types of jobs.


Occupational Therapy Jobs: A Helping Hand Where Most Needed

Occupational therapy jobs may be described as one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs around. Occupational therapists help patients who suffer either from mental, physical, developmental or emotional disabling conditions. They help patients improve their abilities to perform tasks or activities which have been impaired due to their health conditions.

The occupational therapy job is not necessarily limited in hospitals alone. Their duties may take them to their patients home, rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, nursing homes, the workplace, and even in school.

Occupational therapy jobs are important…


where i will get free sample resumes.? SUITABLE JOBS?

I am 43 old, MA , PG Diploma in advertising, working in advt company as audio visual executive, 20 years experience in the same field. knowledge in production, making ad films ,corp av, jingles, spots .event management in rural areas. rural promotion activities, contacting the rural shows, experience in mobile van activities. tamil and english read and write well, speak telugu,
handing clients are MRF form tyres, ACC cements (full south)
Shriram inverstments (south), Shriram Chits – Karnataka, T.Stanes -Coimbatore. Everest Cement sheets, Consul Ups systems, Sonata watchs,…


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