10 Different Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs

One of the best jobs to work from home is having a freelance writing job. With its wide diversity of jobs it has proven to be a very lucrative career. Freelance writing jobs are not restricted to the common article and blog writing jobs many people are familiar with.

– Web content writing consists of article writing for various companies like Examiner, Demand Studios, Suite 101, Love To Know, Textbroker and more. They offer a huge selection of topics for you to write from. Some of the…


Applying for Jobs in a Nursery

A lot of people are now looking for jobs in nurseries. This sudden burst in nursery jobs was caused by the like burst in the number of nurseries due to governmental initiatives to improve childcare. As more people are now considering jobs in nurseries, how to get one has now become a frequently asked question. Here are some tips on how to apply for jobs in a nursery.

Applying to jobs in a nursery is a step-by-step process. In general, there are no strict qualifications…


Job Search Myth #7 . . . The Only Jobs Are Known Job Openings!

This job search myth 7 is probably the most pernicious of all the myths.

Why? Because the common wisdom is that the only jobs available are the ones that are known — through ads, online services, bulletins and publications, etc. Or even by word of mouth. It seems obvious. A job opening is available. Someone fills the opening.

Well, here’s a hard statistic that may be difficult for you to swallow. Virtually 75% of all hires are made from other resources than known job openings! In…


How to Write a Cover Letter for Flight Attendant Jobs

Writing a cover letter for any job application can be a frustrating experience, but none more so that writing a cover letter for flight attendant jobs. This is because you want to give prospective employers a thorough look at your skills and qualifications. Since a cover letter is intended to be just a snapshot of what you can bring to the position, you often have difficulty deciding what to put in this cover letter and what to omit. You do have to do a good job of selling yourself…


Truck Driver Jobs – Top 5 Secrets To Successful Cdl Job Search

As a sales and marketing professional with many years in the trucking industry, I have witnessed professional truckers who have spent many years in good paying CDL truck driver jobs. Only to watch them stretch to maintain a continuous and effective job search. Primarily, these pour souls are always searching for the world’s best truck driving jobs.

In this article, we will share a limited number priceless job search secrets and strategies. If implemented correctly, you will put yourself in a position to land your dream truck driving job…


Physician Jobs – Four Ways To Open Up More Opportunities

Physician jobs aren’t necessarily all that hard to come by. With an ever increasing number of ailing baby boomers and an ever increasing shortage of doctors, the jobs are there – it’s just a matter of finding the best opportunity. And while many physicians are experts and very passionate about their fields of practice, the truth of the matter is that searching for jobs and marketing themselves for the positions just isn’t second nature.

Here are four ways to open up more opportunities when it comes to physician…


Job Online Biz Free Resume Christian Jobs

www.yourehiredhowtogetajob.com Jim Ferrell teaches You How to Get Hired and gives you a Free Resume template that will get you into the Top 5% of all Christian Job Applicants, with Job Online Biz.
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Video resume Free Resume Christian Jobs

www.yourehiredhowtogetajob.com Jim Ferrell teaches You How to Get Hired and gives you a Free Resume template that will get you into the Top 5% of all Christian Job Applicants, with a Video Resume.
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Physician Jobs Nationwide – Guide From Physician Depot

Because health is the most valued treasure of a human being, modern medicine has developed different specialties for the treatment of specific diseases or the appropriate guidance for a healthy lifestyle.

While residents continue too increase their awareness of the necessity to cover the diverse areas of the medical knowledge, the problem arises for the gradating resident who faces the daunting task of locating and evaluating the exact professional environment for their needs along with finishing their residency program at the same time.

At Physician…


Job Search Tips : How to Find Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-level jobs can be difficult to find, but it helps to pay attention to one’s surroundings to spot help wanted ads. Look for entry-level jobs in places that typically hire part-time employees with help from a career and job placement specialist in this free video on entry-level jobs. Expert: Matthew Thomas Bio: Matthew Thomas is a career and job placement specialist in the career services department at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, NC Filmmaker: Rendered Communications…
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