Are You Using linkedin for Your Job Search?

Recruiters are using linkedin to find you. Are you using linkedin to find them?
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The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options

Product Description
How do students approach career decisions and a job search in today’s world? With 30 years of cutting-edge author expertise, this book helps students of all ages and circumstances to choose, change, or confirm career choices. This best-selling workbook shows students how to bridge their idealism with today’s career realities and economy. It is user-friendly, easy to read, and is suitable for both 2-year and 4-year college students. The organization of the book follows the standard sequence of career search and decision-making issues–Personal Assessment, The World of Work,…


Things To Remember When Involved In A Job Search

The hardest thing about being unemployed is constant reminders that you should be conducting a job search. For some this can be easy but for the less motivated amongst us the endless search for a job is both monotonous and tiresome.

The task is made that much harder if you don’t know what type of job you are searching for. Unfortunately for the vast majority of unemployed, knowing exactly which field to conduct your job search is the first hurdle to overcome.

Finding a suitable job…


Twitter Job Search automationtips – Why Most Job Seekers Should Not Use Twitter -

befoundjobs.com presents how to use Twitter to get red hot job leads, how to get those leads directly sent to your email inbox using twitter tool Socialoomph.com. How to get job leads from Twitter without even having an account. Why most people should not use Twitter at all for a job search. How Twitter really works in plain english for job seekers and how to use Twitter to look for a job. We give you all of this but there is more at…


Tips For Staying Motivated In Your Job Search

Listed below are a few useful tips that will help you to stay motivated during your job hunt and help you to find the perfect job.

-You need to keep moving ahead with confidence. Rejection and failure are a part and parcel of every job search, so don’t feel demotivated and don’t let your self-confidence drop, either. Look forward to future job prospects with a positive attitude and avoid contemplating your previous job. Since, you are not working for your previous employer anymore, it would only be a…


Job Search 101: Successful Career Fair Tips

Part 10 of 10 of USC Annenberg’s Job Search 101 Career Videos.
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Minor But Important Resume Writing Tips

Job searching campaign shares a lot of similarity with sales marketing campaign; the job applicant act as the product to sell, and your resume act as the salesman to promote you to your potential employer. The one and only objective of writing a resume is not to get the job, but to get an interview. Having a solid and effective resume will greatly enhance your chance of getting to a job interview and hence to get your dream job. Resume is a self-promotional document, an advertisement about yourself to


7 Steps to Writing a Door-opening, Job-winning Resume

The U.S. unemployment rate has recently jumped to a 14-year high. At the same time, we are being told to prepare for a long, drawn-out recession. If you are currently in the job market or expect that you may be in the not-too-distant future, you are certainly aware that the job market is fierce. But even in the fiercest of job markets, hiring continues. The challenge, of course, is to get YOUR phone ringing and to get YOU in the door to interview for these positions.

Now, more than…


Useful Tips on How to Do an Austin Job Search

Employees can seek employment in Austin through the Austin job search. This web site provides information and details related to job offers that are available in Austin city. There are several agencies and recruiters in the city who extend proper guidance to the applicants.

The internet based job search provides a detailed description and information related to skilled, hourly and full or part time jobs. It provides an exhaustive list of job offers related to Austin job search that are available across the Austin city.

Employees can…


Home Based Jobs – Job Search – Job Opportunities – Home Based Work from home

From making a little extra each month to setting up your own online business. This site is your one stop guide How to make money online using advertising, Google Adsense and affiliate programs. Articles and tips on building a website, search engine SEO tips ANYONE can make money online working…
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