10 Holiday Season Job Search Tips for College Graduates

1. Focus 90% of your job search on networking, but be sure you know how to network effectively

To be successful at networking, you must reach out to your network in a way that makes people want to recommend you or hire you. One way to do this is to be positive. Instead of sharing frustrations with your job search, talk about what types of positions are appealing to you and what kinds of challenges you are eager to take on.

2. Do not limit your search to only


Finding Dream Job (in down economy)

How do you find your dream job in a down economy? What are some job-search tips for people in search of meaningful employment in a recession? A recent college graduate called me, and got me thinking about the 10 pieces of advice I’d offer someone trying to do a guerilla job search. When I graduated in 91 it was a crappy economy, so you learn some fortitude (unlike the folks that graduated during the bubble in 1999. Forget the traditional letters to recruiters,…


How To Make The Most Of Your Job Search

Changing your job can be one of the most daunting tasks that one faces. After all finding a job that you enjoy, or at the very least, are willing to turn up to every day is not always easy. Many of us sit in jobs that we don’t enjoy long after we have lost motivation for the job. The reason is often because it is a lot easier to stay where you are. Searching for a new job poses the risk of getting something worse. So many people stay…


Career In a box – Career Development and Job Search advice with Interview Tips Auckland New Zealand_2

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What to Do if you Don?t Know How to Write a Resume

Are you interested in changing careers or changing jobs? If you are, have you started your job search? Even if you have started your job search, but you are currently coming up empty handed, you are urged to take a close look at your resume. Speaking of resumes, are you even using one?

When it comes to finding a new job or changing careers, it is important that you have a resume. Unfortunately, many job seekers mistakenly believe that job interviews are the most important component of finding a…


$100k+ Executive Job Search: 7 New Secrets to Finding Your Next Executive Level Position in 90 Days

Doug Compton, a laid off 43-year-old operations executive, was frustrated. His efforts to find a new six-figure executive role had resulted in only two interviews in six months. And, although he’s growing his list of contacts, Doug’s networking hasn’t resulted in any real job leads, either.

Doug always landed a job quickly but that was over 10 years ago. Based upon his results this time around, he knew he had to change his job search strategies. “But to what?” he asked himself.

Top executives, like Doug who were…


Job Search Market Plan . . . a 21st Century Success Tool

A carefully prepared job search market plan guarantees your job hunting success. It’s one of the most important alternative or non-traditional strategies for the 21st Century job marketplace.

Why is a job search market plan so important? Because since 9/11 and Katrina everything’s changed. There have been significant advances in hiring practices. Employers have new and different expectations of a job candidate. And all this has required new and alternative ways of thinking about finding a job.

You can’t expect to make your way successfully through these new…


MBA Report: Anatomy of a Job Search: Getting Started

In this issue of Boston University’s MBA Report, series host Alyson Blume interviews MBA students, faculty, and recruiters about how to launch a job search.
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Pink Slip – Creating a Job Search Plan

Viewers discover ways to change their thinking and become more productive in their job search.
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Guarantee Your Job Search Success with These 3 Golden Rules!

You’re reading this because you want to get ahead. And you see job search success or a quality career change as your way to achieve that. Then, doesn’t it make sense to do it the right way?

What if I told you that most folks in today’s complex marketplace are doing it wrong? As a result they’re taking months to accomplish what could be done successfully in a matter of days. To do right by your job search success you need to be guided by three golden rules. Master…


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